WRTC 2000 in Slovenia

Update Jul 14, 2000:

Back home yesterday morning. Judges had some problems with our bin-file and the results claimed our position as #20. Fortunately they have also our ALL-file and correct position should be #5.

I have my photos ready for scanning, QRX.

Update Jun 29, 2000:

Locations and referees are selected. Our QTH will be at JN65WO, 45,36N/13,52E and referee is VK2IA. QTH is about 15km NE from Koper. Maybe southern location helps with a propagation!

Our main rig will be OH0XX's TS870S. Hamradio Ltd/OH6CS borrows us DRU-3 voice memory unit.

More travel plan details:
Mon 03/07 Pori - Vantaa by bus - stay overnight in Good Morning Pilot Hotel, Vantaa
Estimated time of arrival in Bled: Tue afternoon.

Update Jun 17, 2000:

Travel plan confirmed:
Tue 4/7/00 AY6871N Helsinki-Vantaa 08:05 ---> Vienna 09:45
---> to Bled with OK2FD&OK2PAY by car

Tue 11/7/00 Bled - Vienna with OK2FD&OK2PAY by car
AY6876 Vienna 19:40 ---> Helsinki-Vantaa 22:55

Tickets paid on Friday 16th. They cost 1600 FIM (250USD) less than flights directly to Ljubljana!
Still looking for a good, small rig for Team Finland (i.e. TS850, FT890/990).

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