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 Call: OG1F
 Operator(s): OH1MDR
 Station: OH1AF
 Class: SOAB HP
 QTH: Pori
 Operating Time (hrs):
 Radios: SO2R

160 76 79 1.04 5 32
80 200 218 1.09 7 43
40 555 934 1.68 28 80
20 867 2037 2.35 31 88
15 696 1336 1.92 36 102
10 467 912 1.95 29 86
Totals 2861 5516 1.93 136 431
Claimed score 3,127,572 Score reduction
Final score 2,978,858 -4,75%

 Club/Team: CCF
 My main target was to improve my last year's score 4.1M and practise a little
 bit more SO2R operation. There were major solar flares before the contest and
 it was predictable that the conditions will go down.
 In the beginning the rates were rather good and the score development was about
 the same as last year despite there was aurora already. The first "shock" came
 in saturday morning, 160-40 meters were dead to DX (=no special low band mults)
 and 10/15m were also in bad shape.
 Worked EU the most of saturday and in the afternoon there was 1-2 hour
 blackout. In the evening the bands improved a little. I even could work W4OX on
 10m, W3LPL and a handful of other east coast big guns on 15! In the evening
 JH5FXP finally answered me on 40 meters!
 The technical problems started in the night. FT-1000MP's RX became deaf when
 working V26B on 40m. When I realized it really IS broken I started to
 re-arrange the station. I installed TS-850 as the main rig and spare TS-450 as
 second rig. Fortunately I had some spare cables and got SO2R working also with
 this setup.

 The conditions seemed to be better to the west now but I don't know why I
 didn't hear any Caribbean mults on 80m. (OG1MM worked many just 30km from my
 QTH). Something was broken in 160m higher dipole, SWR was high and the signals
 The Sunday seemed to be much better day than Saturday. Anyway running on 10/15m
 was still quite slow. At 1130Z the second amplifier produced a big BANG (like a
 pistol) and died. In the afternoon I had high but short USA runs on 10/15/20m
 and tried to work more mpls with 100W second radio.
 Congrats to my next year's WRTC team-mate Pasi, OG1MM! He beat me with a good
 Some pluses and minuses:
 +SO2R operation, SO2R operation went better that before. I worked a lot of 2nd
 radio multipliers.
 +Writelog, I needed to re-boot Windows only twice. And that was RF that killed
 the mouse.
 -equipment failures: FT-1000MP, linear and 160m inv-vee
 -geomagnetic storm on saturday
 -mouse problem... I trapped 3 mouses before the contest and couple of more were
 killed due lack of food.



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Timo Pohjola OH1MDR/OH0MDR

Last update 02.11.2008