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August 17th, 2008


The meeting was called to order by the Chairman of the Board K7MKN. The minutes were read and accepted as read. Fred, ND7V said he had the treasures report from Joe, K7NLM but had forgot to bring it so will give it to the Secretary, N7RBO when he gets home so the information could be added to the minutes.

N7IPG, Warren brought up that the OEN booklet wasn’t being followed, the way that the excused stations were being done was not the way it should be handled, also the same on the solid stations. Ruth, K7RFO mentioned the book was written in 1949 and things then didn’t pertain to today and was used mostly for a Guide Line. K7MKN made a motion that N7IPG update the booklet and 2nd by WA7FIV. Warren N7IPG said he would accept the job but there couldn’t be any timetable for the completion.

K7DDI suggested that we have three people on the check-book instead of two, so the funds could be secured in case of loosing any other signature holders on the account. He made a suggestion of the Secretary or any OEN member. The secretary N7RBO declined saying she has to many positions already. ND7V is going to look into the matter, like what bank is used and the other information needed. ND7V is actually the only one that receives funds from the account and he said he wouldn’t mind being added. The issue was tabled until more information was collected, and then will be reviewed again next year.

K7MKN asked KK7VO & K6UGS if they could update the information like e-mails, phone numbers and addresses on their websites. Some of the information has changed and the correct information should be available to all OEN Members. K6UGS said he only posts the roster and minutes the reason was not to take anything away for the original OEN web page.

K7RFO wanted to emphasize that this was friendly net not a military net and it should stay this way. If too many regulations were put in place people would be discouraged and not check in. N7RBO said that we have increased our check-ins 900 to 1,000 a month from this time last year.








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