Radio Galaxy Measurement

Radio galaxies are nice sources for experiments on amateur radio bands. Their flux is much more constant compared to the sun, therefore the measurements are also good for system testing and comparisons.

The measurements I made long time ago on 70cm and 2m with Cygnus A, Taurus A and Sagittarius were not saved unfortunately.

So the only result I can present this moment is a Cygnus A measurement on 23cm. But more will (hopefully!) follow in the future.

cygnus_a_2d cygnus_a_3d
This is a single plot of Cygnus A using drift scan for a bit more than 1 hour The 3D-plot was achieved by combining 21 single plots (40 minutes each).
Antenna was offset by 0,5deg steps in declination after every plot before the next recording.

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