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Personal Pictures

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OD5SK's Second Operator , Nouha Samir Khayat, www.nouha.com

my daughter Nouha


OD5SK's 6m Station - Icom IC-551

 OD5SK in QSO Graduation from The Faculty of Electronics & Telecom Engineering - B.A.U
My Antennas in Tripoli - Lebanon

My Station  - Locator KM74 WK , Tripoli - Lebanon

My Station in 1989 OD5SK on top of the tower installing a 3 Elm Yagi - A3S
My first station in 1983 OD5SK during Contest
Reading QST magazine Enjoying a QSO
Summer house and the 3 elem Monobander (Home Made )on top of the house

My 3 Elements Home Made Yagi 1988

my station in 1985

My Station in Tripoli Lebanon -1983



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