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Amateur Radio Java Calculators    

Antenna EiRP calculator Calculate Antenna & Cable losses.
Antenna Trap Designer
HF- Antenna trap design. (Not for IE 3).
Audio Filter Designer Calculate component values for active audio filters (Not for IE 3).
Colour-Code calculator for Polyester capacitors
Coil Winding Design Winding coils in amateur radio.
Crystal Selector A calculator to select crystal frequencies for PMR radios.
Decibels Decibel calculator.
Great Circles Calculate Great Circle Distances.
HF Filter Designer Calculates component values for HF filters (Not for IE 3).
Latitude/Longitude calculator Amateur Radio calculator.
Metric Converter Convert metric/imperial units.
Morse Code Morse Code/Text Converter.
Op-Amp Circuit Designer Design inverting, non-inverting and differential op-amp circuits.
Op-Amp Circuit Designer As above but for use with IE 3.
QRA Calculator Amateur radio Locator system.
QRA - Lat-Long and Lat-Long to QRA Combined calculator.
Radio Horizon Calculator Distance to the horizon for a given height.
Resistor colour-code calculator
Resistor colour-code calculator - second version.
RIAA Curve Designer Magnetic Pickup Equalization (Not for IE 3).
Simple Amateur Satellite Calculator
TVI Tracer Answer the questions to track down TVI.
Zener Diodes Calculate power ratings for zener circuits.
Amateur 5 Side Loop Antenna Calculator
Amateur Antenna Frequency Trap Calculator
Amateur Antenna Line Of Sight Distance Calculator
Amateur Beam Antenna (3 Element Yagi) Calculator
Amateur Beam Antenna (7 Element Yagi) Calculator
Amateur Dipole Antenna (HVL) Calculator
Amateur Dipole Antenna (Including Tees) Calculator
Amateur Dipole Antenna (Inverted Vees) Calculator
Amateur (Ham) Radio Bands Allocations
Amateur Quarter Wave Ground Plane Antenna Calculator
Amateur Vertical Antenna Calculator
Amateur Radio TVI Troubleshooter

Audio Pre-Amplifier Calculator
Coil Frequency From Wire Length Calculator
Dielectric Constants Of Various Materials Table
Frequency Wavelength Calculator
General Device Frequency Information
Helical Primary Turns Calculator For Coils
Impedance And Resonant Capacitor Calculator For Coils
Inductance Calculator For Spiral Flat Coils
Jar Capacitance Calculator For Coils
Ohm's Law Calculations
Ohm's Law Calculations With Power
Op-Amplifier Calculator
Parallel Resistance Calculator
Percentage Calculator
Resistance, Capacitance, Voltage, And Time Calculator
Resistor Color Code Table And Calculator
Speaker 70 Volt Powered Line Calculator
T-Pad / H-Pad Resistance Calculator
Transformer Values Calculator
Series Resistance Calculator
Speaker Combination Decibel Calculator
Speaker Decibel Change Calculator
Speaker Decibel Change From Voltage Change Calculator
Speaker Decibel Power Change Calculator
Speaker Sound Q Calculator
Voltage Divider Calculator
Transistor Simulator And Calculator
Voltage Drop Calculator
Wire Length From Coil Frequency Calculator
Zener Diode Calculator

OD5SK's Amateur Radio Guide

Antennas BandPlan Callsign
Links Palm Soft PSK-31
CW Echolink HomeBrew
Operation Satellite SSTV
Introduction IRLP Calculator


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