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Constructing your own electronic equipment at home is a thrill and a great way to learn more about electronics and amateur radio.  You will need some basic hand tools (pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, nut drivers, electric drill, bits, metal shears, etc.) and a good soldering iron as a minimum.  A few pieces of test equipment will also be needed.  A good place to start your adventure is to get the latest ARRL handbook, W1FB's Design Notebook.  These books contain a wealth of information on home construction projects.  They are detailed enough for you to build some really useful test equipment and radio receivers and transmitters.  You will need a supply of parts such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, IC's, magnet wire for winding coils, and assortment of toroid cores, switches, controls, etc.  These items are best found at hamfests, from old equipment that can be disassembled, or purchased new from electronics parts suppliers www.arrl.org/tis/tisfind.html.   

Home Brewing - QRP   Much of amateur radio home brewing is concerned with low power equipment called QRP.  An excellent site to visit is QRP ARCI. (http://www.qrparci.org/index.html) QRP means "reduce power" and these amateur radio enthusiasts promote and enjoy the construction and operation of radio transmitters with a power output of 5 watts or less (10 watts peak power for SSB) and companion receivers. The - QRP ARCI - organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to the increasing enjoyment of QRP operation and experimentation, and to the promotion of local and regional QRP Clubs throughout the world. Join us now for a look at this fast-growing, enthusiastic hobby called QRP! (www.qrparci.org/index.html)

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