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Owasso, OK 74055

2 Meter Repeater 145.45 MHz (-) No Tone

70 CM Repeater 444.30 MHz (+) No Tone

2000 Club Officers
President - Wade Wehrenberg N5PHV- 918-272-5160
Vice President - Andy Vandeventer N5NYP
Secretary/Treasurer - Steve Bragg KA9MVA


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Owasso Amateur Radio Club 1999 Paid Members
as of 3/31/99

These are the only 1999 Paid Memberships we are aware of.  If you believe have paid your dues and are not listed please contact our Treasurer, Steve Bragg, KA9MVA at 272-4111. If you are listed and I do not have your e-mail address listed please let me know...Dan KA3GRJ

KD5AFS        Grant Bourland
KA9MVA       Steve Bragg
KD5EJW        James Cartmell
N5FER           Bill Carragher
N5EGG          Fred Catlett
KB5TVG        Kevin Coblentz
KB5BLZ        Mike Ellard
KI5ZW          Terry Klarich
KB0NEC        Charlie Lake
K5QOP         Pat Lane
KC7AHE        Dan Looper
W5KHA        Lyle McChesney
KD5DSB        Brad Nickson
WA5SNU      Gloria Pickett
K5LAD         Jim Pickett
KD6VPE       Jim Sevilla
KA3GRJ        Dan Sitterley
KD5BFA       Kim Sitterley 
K5AMT         J.B. Stinnett
N5NNF        Tim Torbett
N5NYP         Andy Van Deventer
KF5UQ         Jack T. Van Natta

Life Members
Several who were members of the Skiatook club and received lifetime memberships in return for the use of their old repeater: Some of which have chosen to pay yearly dues also...OARC wishes to thank Bill & Fred...

N5FER           Bill Carragher
WN5ZAH       Fred Weiss
W5NNL          Buddy Bolton
N5IDV            Jack Burgess
N5WIJ            Eunice Burgess
WA5RAU       Bill Durning
WB5GZF        Roy Greenwood
KA5EKA        Troy Hammonds

Hal Hefner - W5EJE (lawyer who did our club incorporation and was granted the lifetime membership)

1997 Member Listing

1998 Member Listing

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