How You Can Help

A lot of work goes into a transmitter hunt. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Here are some ways to contribute to the success of transmitter hunting in the North Carolina Piedmont.

Attend a hunt. This is one way to contribute without doing any additional work. A good turnout helps perpetuate transmitter hunting.

Bring a friend to a hunt. A transmitter hunt is a fun experience to share.

Bring your family to a hunt. Looking for a way to get the youngsters interested in ham radio? Transmitter hunting is a fun radio activity they can fully participate in before they get their licenses.

Spread the word. Publicity (especially the good kind) is always appreciated. Let everyone know about this web site, and the hunts that are planned. Announce them at club meetings, on ham radio nets, club newsletters, bulletin boards, e-mail your friends, etc.

Link Your Club. Does your club have a web site? Ask the web master to place a prominent link to Piedmont Transmitter Tracking.

Bring a camera. Do you have a digital camera, or might you be willing to send your film to a digital processor, or scan the pictures after development? If you can provide me with some graphic images taken at a hunt, I'll post them to this web site!

Share your equipment. Are you planning to build some transmitter hunting equipment? Make two and bring the extra one with you to lend to a friend or visitor.

Arrange a presentation. Do you belong to a club or group that might enjoy a presentation on transmitter hunting? Let the entertainment chairperson know that you'd like a presentation on foxhunting. 

Catch the bug. After getting familiar with foxhunting, organize some hunts on your own or with your favorite club.

Share your ideas. Do you know of ways to improve the hunts, the publicity, or this web site? Let me know:  .
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