Getting Started in Transmitter Hunting

The goal of these pages is to provide a starting place for those wanting to take up the sport of transmitter hunting. Here you will find some definitions, and brief descriptions of transmitter hunting equipment you can build or buy. As in most worthwhile endeavors, the joy is in the journey. I hope you enjoy researching your options, acquiring the tools, and most of all, tracking down the wily fox!

Disclaimer: The information on these pages is provided as a convenience to the reader. Suppliers and individuals listed on, or linked to from this web site, are independent entities, and have no business association with the author. A listing on this page does not constitute endorsement of their products, or policies. Contact suppliers directly for offers and prices.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Coming to Terms with Terms
Chapter 2: Equipment for On-foot VHF Hunting
Chapter 3: Equipment for Mobile VHF Hunting
Chapter 4: Strong Signal Tactics
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