Amateur radio -  reach out and zap someone.”

Adrian (g0ehg) and Bob (ny2m) getting together for an “eyeball and highball” weekend at the Sand Bar in Jersey City.


    Amateur Radio Station



Operator:                Bob Tarwacki

QTH:                         Staten Island, NY

Grid:                          FN20wo

Previous Calls:       N2UEI, KF2ZP & AA2WM

Equipment:             HF - Kenwood TS-950SD Transceiver

                                  Heil Goldline Mic

                                  Cushcraft R-5 Vertical Antenna


                                  VHF– Kenwood TM-741A Triband Transceiver

                                  2 meter/220 mHz./440 mHz.

                                  Cushcraft ARX-270 Dual band Antenna


                                  Packet - ICOM IC3200A Dualband Transceiver

                                  2 meter /440 mHz.

                                  MFJ 1278 Multimode TNC.

                                  Discone Antenna



“The Shack”

It’s not much, but it’s paid for.