NUØQ Station Description

See pictures below

Transceivers:   Icom IC-735 (100 watts), Icom IC-706IIG (sometimes mobile), Icom IC-275H, Ten-Tec Omni-D (Model 546)
On the shelf:   Heathkit HW-101, HW-16
Amplifiers:  Dentron MLA-2500, Heath SB-220 (rarely used)
Antennas:    Cushcraft AV-4 trapped vertical (not working now);
               trapped inverted vee 80-10 (not up now);
             Butternut HF-9V vertical (added in 1999);
             Carolina Windom 160 special (133 feet long) - 30 feet up
Tuner:  MFJ-986 Differential T Tuner
Keyer:  AEA MM-3 Morse Machine
Computer:  Gateway 386-33MHz
Laptop:  Gateway Pentium 400MHz
Microphone:  Icom SM-6   (for those rare SSB contacts)
Software:  CT, Writelog
I log non-contest QSOs on paper and use XMLOG for tracking QSLs and awards

More NUØQ Shack Photos:

My basement shack - February 2003:

This is what the British call 'wireless':

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