My Novice Days 1970-1972

Here is an article from the Williamsburg (Iowa) Journal-Tribune written by my mom describing my start into ham radio:

This picture was probably taken in late 1971. My rig was a Heathkit HW-16. It was a CW-only transceiver with crystal-controlled transmit frequency. It could put out 90 watts (DC input power) on 80, 40, and 15 meters. I had 2 crystals for 80, 2 crystals for 40, and 3 for 15 meters. I also had a Heathkit SWR meter and a homebrew antenna tuner (barely visible). Notice the Vibroplex bug mentioned in the article above. It dates to 1947. The Worked All States map has quite a few pins in it by this time!


Here I am in December 1972 with my new Heathkit HW-101 SSB/CW transceiver. I'm posing with the microphone to show off my General class license, but I still preferred CW after the fun I had as a Novice.


My first FCC license and QSL card:

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