Computer Hamming Page

This page is a channel for all the software related projects that fall out of my efforts to keep current in the Software Engineering Field. I hope that you find something here that is of some benefit.  -  Brian K9WIS formerly AE9K

CWKeyer - After having been frustrated by juggling a computer keyboard and keyer paddles for so many contests I decided to write a CW Keyer module for you guys and gals that develop new logging programs every time a new contest comes up. It is specifically for VB developers to include in their projects. It uses a CT like interface that toggles the RTS pin of a serial port. Use a single 2n2222 or equivalent to key your rig.

Click on filename to download:

CWKeyer.txt     This is a text file of the module you can use to paste into your application.
CWKeyer.DOC This File contains instructions on how to use the module and inerface it to your application           Due to popular demand by non-VB developers- this file has all the files needed to run the keyer in Windows.
                            Include CWkeyer.exe, vbrun300.dll, and mscomm.vbx. Place vbrun300.dll and mscomm.vbx into your windows\system folder.    This is my development folder for the CWKeyer program for those who want to tinker with CWKeyer.exe

A nice application was written by Brian Kassel K7RE of the AZ sQRPions....Check out the super contest logging program QRPDUPE.

DXChecker - This module is a side effect to the logging program that I am developing. It is a function that you call from within a basic program that has a callsign as a parameter. The function returns a string that is the DXCC country that the callsign is from. It extensively uses 'case select' and' if-then-else' statements, making it compatible with quick basic as well as visual basic. The ARRL DXCC list and country allocation list was used to develop this function  that was originally used to fill in the SPC field of my logging program.

DXcheck.txt   A listing of the function that you can cut and paste into your own programs.
DXchecker.exe   A visual basic program that I used to test the function but makes a nice little program itself.

If you don't have Visual Basic currently installed on your computer but want to run these programs downloadVBRUN300.DLLfrom the web - to your windows system directory or else these programs won't work. For the keyer program you will also need MSCOMM.vbx that can be found with a quick search on the web.