How To Join The North Georgia QRP Club

NOGA QRP is a loose knit band of crazies who love QRP, construction, wilderness radio operations, etc. We have no dues or fees, no formal organization, and make no pretenses of formality in any way. Essentially, to become a member of NOGA, all you have to do is say the words, "I am a member of the North Georgia QRP Club."

We have a NOGAQRP list on the QTH.NET server. If you have Internet Web access (which you probably do, if you are reading this), you can link to:

Select NoGAQRP then press Archives.

All messages for the latest period will be displayed for your review. You can go back in time by selecting specific months. You can also subscribe to the list at this site.

For those of you with EMAIL service you can subscribe to this list service and begin receiving NOGAQRP messages automatically on near real-time or DIGEST (daily or multiple days) mode by doing the following:

The site also has instructions on how to change from Real-time or Digest mode, suspend for vacations, etc.).