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Question :
Who is W8CSO?
Answer  :
Roy Closs SR SK

Following is an article written by Woody (N8LBG) for the February, 1993 issue of the NOARC Spark Newsletter.

Roy (W8CSO) SK
1907 - 1993

What an exciting 86 years for a person like Roy. He was a participator and keen observer with a broad range of interests and skills, which he used for service to others, his own enlightenment and pleasure.

To chronicle Roy's life would take a book, but the person it created can be compared to a diamond of numerous facets.

Many of us have benefited from his helping hand in our hobby and the area has been a better place because Roy was here.

Current talk often refers to the several job changes our present citizens will experience, this is not a new phenomenon, Roy's job experience includes, graduating from an electrical school in Chicago, commercial radio operator, worker on Great Lakes salvage ships, engineer on a straits ferry, weight station operator for the Michigan Department of Transportation, musician In a a band, and railroad employee.

On April 10th. 1923, license number 2136, station call 9BEJ was issued to Roy Closs, age 15. He could operate on 176 through 200 meters with a power output of 15 watts. The antenna to be an inverted (L) configuration. Roy was handling (CW) traffic for the Michigan Traffic Net up until a few days before he became ill. An early riser, you could depend on signals from Nuncia around Seven AM, which would include the WX, RST, and general well being report of the household. His 10 AM and 2 PM contact with Bud, his son (WA8QIS/MM) was well known. Roy was a Ham's Ham, being well versed in theory and operating skills. He obtained his Extra class ticket about one year ago.

Yes Roy we miss you and the air waves are diminished because (W8CSO) is silent. 

73 and 88 Roy.

Woody (N8LBG)