EMC276  Quakes in Mind 1/2        Release 2/12/01

Ever experience a Mind Quake? If yes, then you will know what it
means! If no, then, read on! I'll describe an event that was a
shaking up of the mind - a mind quake. As to how this effects
EMCOMM units, discover that in the next bulletin.

A decade ago another couple, along with my wife and I, were
present at an occurrence that....; well let me describe it for
it illustrates two "mind quake" potentials, both "impossible"!

We were visitors at a regional convention. A certain member of
the sponsoring association was to be a speaker. Instead his wife
was there in his place due to events known to some of the
members, but not all, and certainly not the four guests.

To a hushed room she began by saying that her husband was unable
to attend. He had been at work when a 40-ton cargo container fell
from a loading crane and plummeted to the asphalt dock at the
spot where he was working.

A cargo container is 8x8x40 feet of rigid steel with skids 4-6"
high on the bottom. Ever see what asphalt is like after a heavy
object lands on it? It's a huge deep imprint with strange bulges
shoved out of shape by the enormous crushing weight. Think you
could survive that?

Not withstanding the impossible, we next heard his voice address
the convention by a tape recording taken from his hospital bed!
Later, she addressed the common questioning thought in our minds:
"How had he survived?" Her answer, in his words: "because I saw
the falling container and became one with it."

She said that he was a student of the human mind and knew beyond
belief, that "all are one" in both a mystical and a real sense.
It was what he knew deep within himself and thus - for him - it
was a powerful force.

Is the human "mind" (not brain) that powerful? Is it possible to
become "one" with another physical object? Yes, there are those
who say it is that powerful. But, if we can't accept that, then
how does the mind so control the thoughts that the body and brain
can survive being pummeled into asphalt by a 40 ton cargo

The other Mind Quake occurred that night, while verifying audio
tapes of her presentation. They were blank, although they HAD
been recorded on BOTH machines we had brought. Others who had
recorded the session said "I don't know what happened, but my
tape is blank!" Even to one that was professionally recorded!

Tapes that otherwise recorded every word of each presentation
didn't record ANY of hers. Each person doing a recording had a
separate machine located in a different place in the conference
room. Each machine recorded events before and after the missing
presentation, but did not record that event. It seemed that it
was intended that only those in attendance in person would hear
her complete presentation for a reason we were not to discern.

Whatever you may conclude, for us the result was a shaking up of
perceptions and thoughts - a Mind Quake. Continues next bulletin

 Cary Mangum, W6WWW

EMC277  Quakes in Mind 2/2        Release 2/19/01

Continuation on the topic of the Mind. In the last bulletin we
read of the power of the mind of a person who survived a 40-ton
cargo container falling on him.

Why is this important for EMCOMM unit participants, managers and
government coordinators? Because it can help us grasp the breadth
of the Mind and how thoughts DO affect us daily, in our every
moment, hence how we manage the unit, support or don't support it,
or participate.

Author Norman Smith (in the Oct-Dec l989 "Quester" Vol 9, Nr 4
of the Canadian Society of Questers) wrote: "Quantum Physics is
tying a lot of the loose ends together. It is showing that
science, religion, philosophy and psychology are all saying the
same thing. In different words, yet, but the same story emerges.

Speaker after speaker at our convention utilized the term "mind
set" We are completely capable of doing what we set our mind to
do, no more and no less.

Quantum studies are showing that the outcome of experiments is
determined by the "mind set" of the experimenter. For example, if
an experiment is designed to show light as a wave function, that
is what it will show. If the experiment is set up to show light
as particles, that will be the result. Light cannot be both, yet
it is! Regardless of how the experiment is set up in efforts to
fool the electron/photon, the result will still reflect the
experimenters mind set. It is as though the universe simply asks
what it is we want and gives it to us, sometimes in spite of our

In the evaluation or judging of something, man is measuring. In
Quantum experiments, we have learned that to measure the velocity
or location of an electron, sufficient energy must be used to
"see it." The illuminating energy is necessarily so strong that
it alters the electron's velocity, or location, or both, to the
point that what would have occurred, had the measurement not been
made, will not, now take place. In other words, by making the
measurement, the measurer has altered the future. That is an
awesome responsibility, and clearly illustrates the result of

Today, in the 21st millennium, many writings describe how "mind
controls matter", that "we are what we think", that "what we
think affects our bodies, lives and those around us."

So, what does this have to do with Emergency Communications units
such as ACS, ARES, MARS, RACES, REACT, SKYWARN and others? For
that matter, what does it have to do with anything?

Think about it. Many sources are telling us that the thoughts in
mind literally determine what we do, become and experience in
physical life. Mind is more than belief. Mind is a combination of
belief, of knowing, of conceptions or misconceptions we deeply
hold. Mind is an energy force that is within every cell of the
body and brain. Mind sets the structure of our lives, of what we
can achieve or not achieve, of how our bodies respond to internal
cellular change. In summary, there is ample evidence that our
thoughts are so powerful that they can alter physical structure,
as well as all we do and achieve in life. Thus, thoughts in our
mind will structure how we consider the EMCOMM unit in which we
participate, or for which we may be responsible in some way.
(Series end)

Cary Mangum, W6WWW       

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