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Hello, my name is Joyce and thank you for visiting my homepage. I got my first ham license in November of 98. And I upgraded to my present license, the Extra Class in May of 1999. I love working CW and you will probably find me on 40 meters or 80 meters most of the time in the CW portion of the band.

 My shack consists of a Kenwood TS-570SG with matching power supply and speaker with a MC-80 mic. I have the Bencher paddles which get quite a workout. I have a borrowed 2 meter Icom 229H mobile for a base station and the Kenwood 261A for a 2 meter rig in my car. My antenna consist of a Larson Mag Mount 5/8 wave on the car. And a Butternut vertical with 40, 80, and 160 meters. I also have a G5RV and a directional 2 meter antenna. I am trying to fill my WAS map at the present time. I hope to complete that task soon.


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