The 5B4NDX Packet/Internet Node Details

Packet Gateway node: Call: 5B4LP-1 Alias: SPIDER

IP address: (ncg.spidernet.com.cy)

The node has 2 ports, one port is the ethernet connection to the Internet and the other is a radio port currently running on 144.675, 1200 baud which will be upgraded next week to 430.400, 9600 baud.

The node has 2 AXIP wormholes (Channels to other internet gateways), one to WU3V in Louisiana named "clshub" and the other to IW5DAM in Pisa, Italy named "italy". The latter provides the route to our PacketCluster node 5B4NDX to connect to IK5PWJ-6 PacketCluster.

We are running NETROM on all ports. Once the radio port is upgraded to 9600 baud, we will be able to handle many users coming from the Internet since the local users here are very few and the traffic on UHF will be very little. Of course the local users here will have 2 ports to connect to 5B4NDX 144.650 (for Nicosia users) and 144.675 (for users coming from other towns using node 5B4CYA-1).

The 430.400 9k6 port on 5B4NDX will be dedicated to the Link with 5B4LP-1 gateway node. You can telnet to the gateway's ip address and give it a try. Once connected, you can issue the command "CYPDX" or "C 5B4NDX" and this will connect you straight to the Nicosia Contest Group PacketCluster node 5B4NDX.


To setup a gateway node you need the following:

1) Computer running JNOS software

2) An ethernet connection to the Internet TNC and

3) Radio for your radio port.

JNOS has to be compiled to run the gateway, and then the file "autoexec.nos" has to be configured with the ip address of the node, callsign, alias and other parameters like wormholes, netrom, ports (LAN and radio) etc.

It looks very complicated at the beginning (that's what it looked to me since I had no TCP/IP experience) but there are people willing to help setup the files. At this point I have to help Jim, WU3V who has helped a lot setting up the files on our gateway.

Once you get started, then you get the hang of it and then things are not so difficult.

Andreas, 5B4LP