North AL Repeater Association News

Draft !
APRIL 2001

2000 NARA Officers:

President: John Zeiler WD5GOZ , 828-9302

Vice President: Ron Shaffer W4VM (Ex KS4LU), , 881-8105

Treasurer: Todd Freestone, KD4ALP, , 721-7558

Secretary: Don Tunstil, W4NO, , 536-3904

Technical Advisor: Ralph Hogan, W4XE (Ex WB4TUR), , 881-0606


NARA Web Page:

The NARA web site can be found at E-mails to NARA in general can be sent to


Planned Meetings / Programs:

(At the Red Cross Building on Washington St in Huntsville)

Thursday July 12th, 2001 at 7:30 PM - NARA mid year update

Thursday January 10th 2002 at 7:00 PM - NARA 2001 Kickoff - Election of Officers.


2001 NARA Repeater Command Sheets:

            The 2001 NARA command sheet has been e-mailed to you together with this newsletter if you are a current (dues paid) NARA member. Hard copy versions will be mailed later to members without e-mail addresses and will be available at NARA meetings. If you acquired this newsletter from a Hamfest, or other hard copy hand out form and are interested in membership, contact one of the officers above. You can obtain a command sheet after payment of prorated dues. We will try to update the repeater lists and remote base example sheet to have at the July meeting.


NARA Membership and Dues:

NARA membership is open to all amateur radio operators. Dues are $16 per year per family and are prorated to $4 per quarter beyond the midpoint of each quarter. They can be mailed to: NARA: P.O. Box 18941 Huntsville Al, 35804-8941. NARA is glad to accept donations of any amount to improve itís capabilities. While it is our policy to hold treasury funds in reserve for emergency repairs, there are times when special projects stretch our budget beyond what is needed to do the job correctly and designated contributions have really helped us out.


A word from the NARA Vice President.

I am grateful to John Zeiler: WD5GOZ for taking the job of president this year in order to give me a bit of a break. As soon as John took office however, he was swamped with a time consuming situation at work. It became evident that this might be a year of abbreviated publications for NARA. With that in mind, my goal is for a 2 page (instead of 4) newsletter and to perhaps provide more timely updates via e-mail and the NARA web page. Thanks is expressed to Don Trammell: AI4CW for tackling the enormous task of the NARA data base and e-mail list. It is largely in appreciation of his work that we are trying a Thursday night meeting this summer.

73, Ron Shaffer: W4VM (Ex KS4LU) - NARA Vice President.


146.94 News

The '94 machine still continues to be our flagship machine with suburb coverage from Monte Sano. We have been allowed to remain on site even through the sale of our host tower at Channel 31, so we need to continue to prove ourselves to be a value added resident. We continue to make progress on the east remote receiver project to be located near the Madison County / Jackson County line. Radios have been tuned and antennas and feedlines are ready. Some interfacing work is yet to be completed as of this writing. We may have it on the air sometime this year. Thanks to K4JCH for vision & funding to help make this happen.


147.18 News

The '18 machine will finally get the new antenna it has needed very soon. As of this writing, a new Station Master antenna has been purchased and has been delivered to Huntsville Radio (our Brindlee Tower host). It will be installed by a professional tower crew in conjunction with work being done to Huntsville Radio's antenna systems. This should get rid of the crackle we have heard after rain storms and possible improve coverage. The UHF patch link system

continues to experience intermittent failures but we have chosen not to expend much more in time and resources as they are very old radios. We hope to eventually replace the UHF link system with newer radios in a configuration which would allow the linking of '94 and '18 during public service events as well as a patch link. In the mean time, please use the patch on '94, 443.500 or even 147.10 if the '18 patch fails. We may also have a patch operational on 145.33 soon.


443.500 News

We have continued to enjoy great performance from this UHF remote base Cadillac. We do still have a few improvements pending for this machine including a new remote base antenna for 2M/440/220. We also have Power Amp/Pre-amp for the 10 Meter Remote we may experiment with. Enjoy the great audio from the 443.500 autopatch!


224.94 News

This machine continues to perform well with improvements of recent years. I encourage you to buy the now affordable 220 radios and see the great coverage.  There are still plans to add an autopatch to this machine.


145.33 News

            This machine is still performing well with the old RF hardware and Ralph's eight inch duplexers from it's Monte Sano site. Ralph has crystals for the G.E. Master II Base station so we may see a more robust '33 machine any time.


443.800 News

The 443.800 machine offers good coverage to the South Parkway and Bailey Cove Road areas from it's Mathis Mountain perch. With an improved 440 remote on the 443.500 machine, the 443.800 machine could function as an effective remote receiver for 443.500. We changed the call on this machine to W4PS in honor of it's hosts: W4PS and K4RPH.


53.21 News

Progress has been slow but steady on the 6 meter machine split site project. Plans are still to have the receiver on Monte Sano at the 443.500 site and the transmitter on Green Mountain at Ralph's 444.300 / 145.29 site. We have opted to set up a 440 link instead of a 220 link in hopes of speeding up deployment. Stay tuned ! Thanks to KE4ROC for support on this project.