A Word from NARA President, Ron Shaffer: W4VM

My goals for this year are again simple: Keep our great set of repeaters working, fix any issues and improve what we have at a pace that does not overly burden our volunteer staff. We have a great opportunity this year to be a part of moving amateur radio forward in new technology. NARA has been selected as one of just a few test locations around the nation for the new Yaesu Digital Fusion (DR-1) Repeater System. Initial testing begins on the 145.33 repeater in March at the Gigaparts Radio Day which is also when this flyer debuts. Along with this flyer, we also have an updated repeater list handout thanks to efforts by N4BCD and KG4EYG. ††Finally, I have some great ideas for the full newsletter which follows this flyer for paid members only. Donít miss it! Itís just one way of saying thanks again for supporting NARA.