Updated word from NARA president – Jan 2015

We had a great kickoff meeting on Jan 16th with 70 plus in attendance.   We had a lot of great NARA repeater information to impart and  a lot of great interaction in the process.  The biggest happening is the recent homecoming of the 145.33 NARA repeater back to Monte Sano.  Thanks to Ernie Blair and the 911 Board, we have a stellar VHF repeater system which now bears the call W4HSV.   If you have not tried this great repeater, I encourage you to do so and see for yourself!   Not only that, we were able to assure the continuity of a wide coverage D-STAR system for Huntsville with the W4WBC
D-STAR.   An up-to-date Huntsville area repeater listing generated by our Technical Advisor Mark, W4FMX will provide the details for all of these NARA operated repeaters along with many other area repeaters.

We are entering the time of year where I will begin updating the information for this year’s command sheets and newsletter.  It is a busy time for me at work as well as my hobby and public service endeavors so I would ask your patience in awaiting these documents.  We generally wait until the mail- in response from our membership drive slows down so that we capture most everyone in our bulk e-mail.  Do recall that the command sheet generally does not change much from year to year.  If you are a new member, e-mail me if you need last year’s command sheet until the 2015 version is ready.

I look forward to an active and fun 2015.  Talk to you on the repeaters!
Ron Shaffer W4VM: NARA President