IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
1Jul-82Welcome to the First Issue of PSR1Margaret Morrison, KC7MAEditor Announces the first issue
TAPR General Meeting1Margaret Morrison, KC7MANext meeting July 17, 1982 in Scottsdale Az
Presidentıs Report2Den Connors, KD2SDiscusses the role expected to be played by TAPR
Software Update2Marc Chamberlin, WA7PXWDescribes FORTH programming for new TNC
Hardware Happenings3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDFirst TAPR TNC packets transmitted on June 9th and 18th, 1982
Beta Test Status4Dan Morrison, KB3UCOverall Beta test status
Microwave News5Mike Parker, KT7DDiscussion on L band linear amplifiers
Tech Notes6Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDCWID in the Alpha TNC. New component products are discussed
First TAPR Packet QSO7Den Connors, KD2STAPR initiates first TAPR TNC packet QSO

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
2Oct-82First Annual Meeting Announced1Margaret Morrison, KV7DTucson, Feb 5th, 1983. Membership now 180.
New ³Standard Protocol²1Margaret Morrison, KV7DAmateur reps meet and agree on common packet radio protocol
TECH/Notes2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD, & Margaret Morrison, KC7MAFiltering problems, KV7's B & D solve with high tech MF10.
New Products2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD, & Margaret Morrison, KC7MASeveral samples of new chips received for evaluation
New Digital Rules3Margaret Morrison, KV7DNew FCC rules permit use of certain digital codes by amateurs
Correspondence3Pete Eaton, WB9FLWDescribes SLAPR, the St Louis packet group
Proposed Amateur Digital Satellite4Den Connors, KD2S, & Tom Clark, W3IWIProposed new PACSAT satellite at AMSAT general meeting
Hardware Happenings5Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDModem-radio interface problems discussed. CWID circuitry working well
Beta Coordinators5Dan Morrison, KV7BTwenty two beta test coordinators listed
Alpha/Beta Report6Margaret Morrison, KV7DAlpha test essentially complete. Beta board described
Beta Test6Dan Morrison, KV7B, & Den Connors, KD2SPortions of a letter sent to all Beta test coordinators
Board of Directors Election7Margaret Morrison, KV7DExcerpt from Bylaws concerning board membership and election

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
3Dec-82TAPR News1TAPR StaffHF SSB net. 2nd networking conf. K0PFX working on custom enclosure
Tech Notes / New Products2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDBeta test to start. Filtering problems. New products
Black Thursday3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDBeta PC boards are defective. TAPR presses on, bloodied but unbowed.
A Mid-Summer Nightıs Protocol4Harold Price, NK6KChronicles the earliest days of the AX.25 protocol
Beta-Test Manual5Chuck Green, N0ADIDiscusses the forthcoming Beta test manual
PACSAT Project6Den Connors, KD2SMore details on the planned spaceborne "flying mailbox"
Hardware Happenings7Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDiscussion of the Beta effort from a hardware standpoint
St Louis and the Beta test8Pete Eaton, WB9FLWOverview account of how Pete got wrapped up in TAPR beta test
Software Update9Margaret Morrison, KC7MAEvery design goal achieved (This is not a paper TNC)

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
4Mar-83TAPR News1Margaret Morrison, KC7MAReport and Election results of the 1st annual TAPR meeting
Presidents Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDStresses the need for widespread participation to get the job done
Software Update3Margaret Morrison, KC7MASoftware changes/fixes in the mail at an early stage
Standards (sigh)3Harold Price, NK6KProgrammers problems. The impossible we do right now!
Proposed Hardware Modifications4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDA collection of suggestions for the next TNC go around.
Feedback5TAPR StaffLetters/messages
Hardware Happenings6Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDAll Beta TNC's shipped. Some radio problems are popping up
Thanks7TAPR StaffTAPR extends it thanks to several commercial firms for their help
Beta-Test Status7Dan Morrison, KV7B141 our of 171 beta boards shipped. Reports coming in from testers

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
5May-83TAPR NewsMargaret Morrison, KC7MAClub affiliation with TAPR, mutually beneficial. Plus short items
Presidents Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDPacket at Dayton '83. New TNC kits planned for Beta testing
Software Update3Margaret Morrison, KC7MA, & Harold Price, NK6KWork begins on Ver 3. Space problems encountered. Changes listed.
Hardware Happenings4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDHardware team meets. Revisions announced for production kits.
Beta Test Status5Dan Morrison, KV7BFeedback from the Beta test sites is discussed

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
6Jul-83TAPR News1TAPR StaffHam Radio Cover. Software Approaches. No more CWID. MAPR edits PSR, etc
Presidents Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDPlanning for High Speed terrestrial linking begins
TNC Kits3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTAPR to produce kits. Distribution & availability announced
PACtivities3Pat Snyder, WA0TTWDiscusses packet activity in the Twin Cities area
Hardware Happenings4Clay Bartholow, KD0BYClay Bartholow talks about audio input sensitivity and new TNC hardware

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
7Oct-83TAPR News1TAPR StaffRevised board. Prototype kits built. TAPR BOD nominations
Presidents Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDOscar. Magazine articles of notes. TNC Rev 2. TAPR growth
Anaheim3TAPR StaffDiscussion of activities at Sept SW Div Convention
Boring3Harold Price, NK6KPacket QSO's get boring, much work needed to perfect the system.

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
8Nov-83TAPR News1TAPR StaffHF BBS. Packet Pete Video. PACSAT. KE3D reports from South Africa
Presidents Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDKit assembly test completed. Cabinets. EPROM kits. Kudos to K0PFX
BBS Connection3Lynn Taylor, WB6UUTDescribes the development and operation of a packet BBS
Satellite Space4Harold Price, NK6KTAPR members in PACSAT work. OSCAR 10. Bug in Ver 2.1
JAMSAT JAS-15TAPR StaffDescription of JAS-1. Planned lunch 1986.
PACSAT Modem Project6Phil Karn, KA9QTutorial and progress report on modem design project
AO-10 Packets8Tom Clark, W3IWIDescribes some packet firsts via AO-10
Board Elections8Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDNominees announced: W3IWI, W1HDX, WB9FLW, KV7D, NK6K, WA0TTW, WB6UUT
Rev. 2 Review9Paul Barnett, N0CRNReviews the assembly of the new TAPR TNC Kit
Packet Bibliography9TAPR StaffNoteworthy articles in Amateur Press

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
9Jan-84TAPR News1TAPR StaffAnnual Meeting. Write don't call. Death of Vic Clark, W4KFC
Presidents Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDPacket on the move. Ranks swell. Information deluge. Much yet to do.
Beta Updates3Margaret Morrison, KC7MABeta 3.1 available. Protocol upgrades. User interface upgrades
Thank YOU!!4Chuck Green, N0ADIManual editor identifies 'movers and shakers' who get the job done.
The Stork?4Chuck Green, N0ADIThe proud parents watch their first 100 kits go out the warehouse door
Rev II Typos5Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDSome corrections to the manual
Part Prices5TAPR StaffA replacement parts list with part numbers and prices
HF Packets6Dan, KV7B, and Margaret, KC7MA, MorrisonTeam Morrison describes the reconfigured MF-10 for HF and satellite
1700Hz Calibrate6Clay Bartholow, KD0BYProcedure for setting the 1700 Hz center frequency on Beta TNC's
Hardware Happenings7Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDLook at new kit TNC. Some beta mods. New TNC design vs Beta

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
10Mar-84TAPR News1TAPR StaffUoSAT-B launched. JASNET.BAS program. 3rd network conference
Presidents Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDNew BOD. Cabinet status. Beta Upgrade. The DCE Project. Conventions.
Central Iowa BBS3Ralph Wallio, W0RPKDescribes the CITS BBS, costs, system features
BBS Watch5Pat Snyder, WA0TTWDiscussion of the needs, considerations and outlook for BBS's
Comparison Shopping7Joe Buswell, K5JBCompares the TAPR TNC and the GLB PK-1
Vic-20 Terminal11Jay Nugent, WB8TKLDescribes how to operate from a vic-20
TNC Calibration12Steve Goode, K9NGSteve Goode on setting deviation for all TNC's within a LAN
GDC Modem12Tom Clark, W3IWIModifications and switch settings for the GDC 202A modem
PacSat Tracking13Phil Karn, KA9QA method of detecting subtle orbit changes when using low thrust
UoSAT-2 Status14Martin SweetingSuccessful launch then leads to apprehension for UO-11
Big Ears15Jay Holladay, W6EJJTells of EME antennas listening for UO-11
Uo-B Telemetry15Phil Karn, KA9QTelemetry was within limits. No clues to the problem.
GET AWAY SPECIAL (GAS)16Harold Price, NK6KA GAS experiment. Helping an El Paso high school.
Satellite Interconnection16Hank Magnuski, KA6MMixed satellite and ground station concepts
Board Minutes (Feb 1984)17TAPR StaffDetails from the Feb 4th, 1984 BOD meeting
Acknowledgments19TAPR StaffLetters and Messages
HF Links22Gary Kaatz, W9TDInitial successes with HF packeteeering

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
11Jun-84TAPR News1TAPR StaffCabinets. Glossy brochures. Dayton Tech Achievement to TAPR
Presidents Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDayton Award. Possible approaches to linking
UOSAT-2 Status3Martin SweetingAfter exhaustive efforts, command reestablished
From the Editors3Paul Barnett, N0CRNAll the news that fits, we print
Kit Oscillator Problem4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDOscillator failures reported, fixes recommended
Binary File Transfer 4Harold Price, NK6KHow to run binary data over the TNC
Pete Eaton Resigns5Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDOutstanding accomplishments listed by TAPR President
OSCAR-10 Linking6Tom Clark, W3IWIWest coast BBS worked from Clarksville MD via satellite
HF Linking7Tom Clark, W3IWIA report on HF packet gateway activity
Third ARRL Computer Networking Conference8Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDA report on the activities at the Trenton conference
CA BBS Activity9Harold Price, NK6KWest coast activity picking up, list of BBS users
Message Headers9Mike Brock, WB6HHVTackles the standardization of message headers
TNC Modem Tuning Indicator 10Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDescription of a sample tuning indicator for use on non-FM modes
Modem Sensitivity Modifications12Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDPerformance improved about 2db under weak signal conditions
Modem Modifications Tests13Steve Goode, K9NGDetails of results of test on modem modifications
BER Performance of TAPR TNC Modem14Steve Goode, K9NGBit Error Rate test results presented
Modem Comparison16Steve Goode, K9NGComparing the BER of the Beta to the new TNC
Deviation Adjustment16Gary Field, WA1GRCSimple method of setting deviation
TAPR Modem Measurements17Tom Kneisel, K4GFGRadio and TNC audio response curves discussed
Dayton Report18Joe Buswell, K5JBDifferent TNC's seen at Dayton

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
12Sep-84TAPR News1TAPR StaffDec 2 TRN. 200Mhz endangered. BOD nominations. Packet on CBS
President's Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTAPR open office. TiNC LINC. K9NG working on 9600bps modem
Packeting in the Fast Lane3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDExperimenting with high-speed 19.2kb with 2xclock speed on TNC
Software Bug Patch4Harold Price, NK6KRETRY counter & AX25 OFF modem patched. Now ver 3.3
Software Bugs4Harold Price, NK6KAsks for bug reports. Lists know bugs
VADGC Upgrade6Terry Fox, WB4JFIDescription of Vancouver daughter board
RS-232 Problems6Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDFlow control problem. Different chip makers, different results
Crossband Digipeater7Mike Borck, WB6HHVHow 2 meter / 220Mhz digipeating was implemented
Meteor Scatter Connections8Richard Zwirko, K1HTVDescribes first meteor scatter packet QSO
23cm Bandplanning in C.A.10Harold Price, NK6KDigital mode's point of view on higher freqs.
TAPR's Future12Harold Price, NK6KWhat about level 3? Will TAPR keep selling kits?
PACtivities14TAPR StaffTSARC Meeting. Oahu group meets. RMPRA activity. MRC & JA3 news
A Fuel for Thought16Jan King, W3GEYWater electrolysis/steam propulsion for satellite use
Thoughts On Level Three18Lynn Taylor, WB6UUTTwo routing algorithms discussed. A catalyst for further discussion
Satellite Coordination20TAPR StaffDescribes activities of international amateur satellite group meeting
Hams in Space...21TAPR StaffSpace Amateurs selected to carry amateur gear on space flight
JAS-1 Update21TAPR StaffDiscussion on components, test, problems, schedules
Packet - A Software Approach22Bob Richardson, W4UCHDevelopment and background of software approach
TAPR - Official Supplier of TNC's to the 1984 Olympics23Ted Harris, N6IIUHow packet was used at the Olympic soccer events.

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
13Jan-85TAPR News1TAPR StaffMinnesota, Florida, Georgia news. Annual Meeting info
President's Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDigital Committee on AX.25 level 2 mods. CITS conference
A Proposed Network for the Internetconnections of Amateur Digital Packet Radio Stations3Brian Kantor, WB6CYTProposed Packet Interconnection system
Board of Directors Election7TAPR StaffNominees: N0CRN, WB6HHV, N0CCZ, WB6YMH, KD4NL, W9TD, KV7B, WD0ETZ

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
14Mar-85TAPR News1TAPR StaffDayton. Digipeater paths. GRAPES. SACPAC. Alabama. HF. New York.
Presidents Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDElection results. RMPRA DC PS. Heath HD 4040. 9600 bps modem network
PACGrams3Jay Nugent, WB8TKLProposal for a uniform packet message format
The DC TNC6Bob Gobrick, WA6ERBRMPRA members innovate an inexpensive TNC DC supply
Teaching Old Dogs...7John Dewey, KA9CARAdapting the Varitronics IC2F Deluxe to packet use

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
15May-85TAPR News1TAPR StaffDayton packet speaker schedule
President's Corner2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTNC close-out why ? Heath cabinets. New PSR. TNC-2. TAPR HF Net
The Packet Radio Revolution Continues!4EditorsThe new TNC-2 announced and described
TAPR Needs your help today!5EditorsTAPR asks members help in updating database
The Buck Stops Here5EditorsAdministrative office problems, actions to solve them
How to order a TNC 2!6EditorsA plan for fair distribution of a limited number of TNCs
Commodore 64 as a Packet Terminal7Steve Hall, WB6FSKAid for the C64 users going into Packet
NOVRAM Hints8EditorsHow to correct a forgetful NOVRAM
TNC 1 Manuals Available10EditorsComplete information on the TNC1 and packet radio in general

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
16Jul-85President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDW1BEL new PSR editor. TAPR people, talents, limitations. 'Call-in' day
Editor's Column2Gwyn Reedy, W1BELContents described. Status of TAPR projects. TNC-1 & 4.0
The TAPR TNC-2 Why ?3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDWhy the TNC-2 was needed as a follow-on to the TNC-1
An Overview of TNC2 Software3Howard Goldstein, N2WXThe author describes his TNC-2 software
An Overview of TNC2 Hardware4Paul Newland, AD7IThe designer describes the TNC-2 hardware
2764 EPROM Programmer for the TNC15Mel Whitten, K0PFXInformation needed to construct a programmer
HF Operation with the TAPR/HEATH/AEA TNC8John Dewey, KA9CARChange from wide to narrow tones with a flip of a switch
Bulletin Boards, Hosts, Gateway and Glue9Tom Clark, W3IWIA 9 month historical perspective of packet BBS's.
Packet Made Easy10N4ZQ & KB4LLOReview of Kantronics KPC
An Introduction to Networks: Part 111Tom McDermott, N5EGPart 1: The What and Why of Networks
The Two Port Digipeater15Jon Bloom, KE3ZExplains the problem of two port digipeating and how this machine solves it.
Another View of Packet Linking and Two Port Digipeaters18Jerald Morris, WB0RUSDifferent approach to SSID number decoding
TAPR TNC Modifications for 12v Use19Robert Ball, WB8WGAUses a Power-General DC/DC converter for +/- 12v

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
17Oct-85President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDSome packet history. TNC-1, TNC-2 ver 4.0. WA8DED code. NNC. 9600 bps
TNC-2 Manual Misprints2TAPR StaffCorrections to TNC-2 Manual
Editor's Column3Gwyn Reedy, W1BELFuture of Amateur radio. Profile of a "doer." Historic firsts
TNC-2 OEM Package Availability4TAPR StaffTAPR TNC-2 OEM kit available for industry
BBS News and Views5Tom Clark, W3IWIQuestions/answers on RLI system. Xerox 820. BBS computer.
5th ARRL Amateur Radio Computer Networking Conference7Oct QEXMarch 7th - 9th, Orlando. Papers sought.
EPROM Programming Adapter8TAPR StaffLimited supply of kits available at TAPR
Modifications to the TNC-28TAPR StaffModifications of TNC-2 Rev 1 to Rev 2
The TAPR Network Conde Controller11Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDWhy it is needed, how it evolved, and what it will look like.
TNC-2 Push-to-talk Indicator12Tom Clark, W3IWIThe power LED will server double duty. How to do it.
Board of Directors Nominations13TAPR StaffA call for nominations
AEA and Heath Owners13TAPR StaffManuals in limited supply but still available
Annual Meeting Announcements13TAPR StaffNext annual meeting in Tucson Feb 8th, 1986
A Digital Tuning Indicator for HF Packet14John Langner, WB2OSZA digital approach for HF tuning indicator
Now for Something Completely Different...(A Review of the WA8DEDTNC Firmware)16Lynn Taylor, WB6UUTDescription of how Ron Rakes new TNC system operates
AX.25 Version 2 Multi-Channel TNC Firmware17Ronald Raikes, WA8DEDCommand Description of the various features of the new firmware
The Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society Network Information Bulletin19Gordon Beaty, N2DSYPlans for the RATS RATSNET
TNC Modem Tuning Indicator #221Dan Vester, KE7CZInformation for another type of HF tuning indicator
9600 bps Modem Kits24TAPR StaffSemi-kits available at TAPR
TNC-2 Radio Hookup24N2FVNHow to hook up a Kenwood TH-21
Hamtronics FM-5 Shielding25Jeff Ward, K8KAW81DNL's shielding modifications to the FM-5
Switch Selectable Firmware on the TAPR TNC-126Lynn Taylor, WB6UUTUsing the "bank select" feature for either TAPR or WA8DED firmware
An Introduction to Networks: Part 226Tom McDermott, N5EGPart 2 (continued from #16)
Using the Macintosh with the TNC-227Jack Brindle, WA4FIBUsing CTS instead of Xon/Xoff for the Mac

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
18Jan-86President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDLooking back on 1985...and ahead to 1986
SAREX 2 - Packet Radio from the Shuttle1Tom Clark, W3IWI, & Eric Rosenberg, WA6YBTStory of putting together a packet station for use in space
Running a TNC-2 ON 7.5 Volts2Chuck Green, N0ADIHow to run your TNC-2 on 7.5volts
Using the RF DCD Features of the TNC-24Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDPutting the TNC DED feature to work for you on voice channels.
NNC Development and Testing5TAPR StaffCurrent status and need for Alpha and Beta testers
Important to all TNC-2 Owners6TAPR StaffA couple of potential problems and their suggested fixes
TAPR Annual Meeting6TAPR StaffMeeting set for Feb 8th, 1986 in Tucson
TAPR TNC-1 Manual Sale6TAPR StaffCloseout of the final few copies remaining
TCP Programmers Manual7Phil Karn, KA9QAdvanced Information to implementers considering writing applications
Beginner's Corner - Using the IBM PCjr on Packet8Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDUsing the IBM PCjr on packet
Beginner's Corner - Interfacing the Commodore 64 and VIC 20 computers10Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInterfacing the Commodore 64 and Vic 20 computers
TS-430S Receiver IF Strip Modification for Proper AGC Action11Eric Gustafson, N7CLRapid turnaround problem and the fix
BBS News and Views13Tom Clark, W3IWIExplosive growth. Real networking. IBM-PC efforts. Software distribution.
New Products From TAPR15TAPR StaffTuning Indicator. LSC-10
Dept. of Prognostication: Fun with Numbers16Harold Price, NK6KHow many TNC's are there ? (and how many will there be ?)
Engineering a Packet Switch17Phil Karn, KA9QHow much memory is likely to be needed in a packet switch ?
Replacement Parts Price List TNC-217TAPR StaffTAPR offers a "convenience" part service.
Packet Channel Congestion18TAPR StaffA series of suggestions to help reduce the channel load.
TNC62: A Packet Radio Terminal Program for the C-6419George Baker, W5YRProgram for the C64 distributed by TPRS (Texas Packet Radio Society)
An Introduction to Networks: Part 320Tom McDermott, N5EGPart 3 (continued from #16, #17)
Public Digital Radio Service Petition22StonerA proposal to FCC to create new radio class and allocate spectrum
TNC-2 Upgrade Information25TAPR StaffCMOS components available at TAPR
PTT MOD for TNC-2 Corrections26Tom Clark, W3IWIAn amendment to the earlier mod description
Amateur Psychology - Food for Thought26Phil Karn, KA9QLet the amateur pay for networking in his own shack
Editor's Column26Gwyn Reedy, W1BELKind words for new PSRQ. Kudos to writers. Packet Radio Magazine
TAPR Board Nominations27TAPR StaffNominees: Mark Baker, K9NG, W3VS, WA7GXD, N7CL, W1BEL

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
19Apr-86President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTAPR Income curtailed. Overhead cost setting. Pressing on with R&D
TAPR Goals - 19861Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDBOD sets three goals. Some immediate action
Eliminating POOP from Packet2Pete Eaton, WB9FLW, and Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDMuch POOP found on packet channels. Offensive? (Nah)
BBS News 'N Views5Tom Clark, W3IWIIBM-PC BBS. Xerox 820. FCC 85-105. Networking/Forwarding. DoubleDos
TAPR and the FCC PR Docket No 85-1057Harold Price, NK6KTAPR petition to the FCC to reconsider PR 85-105
TAPR Membership Questionnaire (1986)InsertTAPR Staff1986 TAPR Member Questionnaire
Minutes of the TAPR Board of Directors Meeting10TAPR StaffFeb 9th, 1986 BOD Minutes
TAPR Project Proposal Guide12TAPR StaffA guide for preparing a project proposal for TAPR
Beginner's Corner: State Machines, Part 113Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDWhat is a state machine and how does it work ?
Notice to All TAPR/CLONE HF Packet Users15Dan Morrison, KV7B, and Eric Gustafson, N7CLImproving demodulation to near optimal performance

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
20Jul-86President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDPacket Radio Magazine and PSRQ. Dues Change. TAPR On-Line. NNC. New Products
Packet Through FO-203Harold Price, NK6KOperating Packet through FO-20
2400 bps Packet - Some First Thoughts4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDHow 2400bps works
HF Packet Operation5Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDFollow-up on TAPR suggestions for HF operating freqs.
HF Packet Tuning Aid5TAPR StaffTAPR has available HF tuning indicators based on KE7CZ articles in issue #17
Summary and Analysis of Comments on TAPR Membership Questionnaire (1986)6Gene Piety, KH6PPSummary of 1986 Membership Survey
NNC Project Update9Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDAn update on the NNC project
TAPR Announces New Membership Dues Rates9TAPR StaffIncrease in Dues to $15 for US, $18 Canada, $25 else where
PSR Index9TAPR StaffAnnotated listing of articles from issue #1 through #19

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
21Sep-86President's Corner9Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDSANDPAC, PRM, Questionnaire Results
Beginner's Corner: Manchester Encoding and Oscar 1210Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDiscussion on Manchester Encoding
TAPR Moves to Compuserve12Pete Eaton, WB9FLWTAPR moves from DRNET to Compuserve

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
22Oct-86President's Corner9Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDPacket Software Exchange
PSK Modems for FO-1210Tom Clark, W3IWIInformation on the upcoming TAPR PSK modem
TAPR Price List10TAPR StaffTAPR Price List
Stealing11TAPR StaffDiscusses problem with unlicensed TNC-II clones being made
Ham/West11TAPR StaffTAPR will have both in Las Vegas
Mods for Amateur Packet Alaska HF Mod Kit12Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDiscusses modification for the APA unit to improve operations
TAPR Moves to Compuserve12Pete Eaton, WB9FLWTAPR moves from DRNET to Compuserve
TAPR Director Nominations13TAPR StaffNominations open for 1987 BOD openings
TAPR Annual Meeting13TAPR StaffTAPR Annual meeting to held Feb 21,22 1987, Tucson, Az
How to get on HF with the PKT-114Minoru Tsuda, JA1DSIInformation and hardware description on to get the PKT-1 on HF
AX.25 Works! So let's change it.16Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDThoughts on current discussions concerning AX.25 (PID, XID)

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
23Nov-86President's Corner9Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDNNC Update, Fuji modem progress, Digital Radios, Software
Beginner's Corner: Modem Design10Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDiscusses modulators, demodulators, DCD and what all it means
New Software for the TNC-2 (and clones)11TAPR Staff1.1.4 released for the TNC-II
TAPR Annual Meeting12TAPR StaffTAPR Annual meeting to held Feb 21,22 1987, Tucson, Az
Connect International12TAPR StaffRSGB packet radio newsletter to begin
TAPR Price List12TAPR StaffTAPR Price List
TAPR Director Nominations13TAPR StaffNominations open for 1987 BOD openings

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
24Dec-86President's Corner7Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDHamWest, Comdex, AIWA APX-25, PSK Modem, HF operations
Beginner's Corner: Proper VHF Radio Interfacing Techniques9Eric Gustafson, N7CLProper settings and interface required for good VHF operations.
Behind the Scenes11Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDNew TAPR Video, behind the scenes of the production
HF Modem Performance12Eric Gustafson, N7CLDiscussion on HF modem performance
TAPR Annual Meeting13TAPR StaffTAPR Annual meeting to held Feb 21,22 1987, Tucson, Az
New Software for the TNC-2 (and clones)13TAPR Staff1.1.4 released for the TNC-II
TAPR Price List13TAPR StaffTAPR Price List
TAPR Director Nominations13TAPR StaffNominations open for 1987 BOD openings
New Office Hours14TAPR StaffNew office hours for the TAPR office

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
25Jan-87President's Corner17Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDUpcoming Annual Meeting and PSK Modem Update
Interfacing the Kenwood TR260017Eric Gustafson, N7CLDiscusses how to radio to TNC interface required for the Kenwood TR-2600
A modest proposal18Dan Morrison, KV7BDiscussion on HF operations and spectrum issues on 40 meters
The Hidden Terminal20Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDWhat is Hidden Terminal
HF Modem Performance Comparisons21Eric Gustafson, N7CLA comparison of HF performance of the AEA PM-1, KPC-2400, AEA PK-232

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
26Mar-87President's Corner13Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDAppropriate modem technologies for HF packet work
TAPR Annual Meeting Highlights14Scott Loftesness, W3VSBlow by blow of the 87 Annual Meeting

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
27Apr-87President's Corner6Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDNews on new products at Dayton, PSK Modem Project
One Final Editor's Note7Gwyn Reedy, W1BELEditor's apology for previous articles published
Comments to the Editor7Dan Morrison, KV7BComments regarding editors note in article published in Apr 87
Comments to the Editor8Eric Gustafson, N7CLComments regarding editors note in article published in Apr 87
Plug-in FSK Modem for TNC-210Gil Mays, VK6AGCFSK Modem design by Gil Mays, VK6AGC based on the AMD 7910

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
28Jul-87President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDARRL Digital Committee News, PSK Modem Kit Update, DSP News
An Introduction to TCP/IP2TAPR StaffIntroduction to TCP/IP paper made available by RMPRA
Update on the KA9Q TPC/IP Software2TAPR StaffGeneral information regarding the current state of the KA9Q software
Note from the Editor3Scott Loftesness, W3VSPSR needs your input
Beginner's Corner: Digital Signal Processing4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDigital Signal Processing: What is it, What can it do, Current Project
Digital Signal Processing and Amateur Radio5Bob McGwier, N4HYWhat DSP can do for Amateur Radio, and the TAPR/AMSAT DSP Project
In the Mailbox5Roy Engehausen, AA4REGeneral News from the BBS World
TAPR PSK Modem Kit Preliminary Manual Errors7Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDCovers the errors in the PSK Kit Manual
Reducing HF RFI from the TAPR TNC 27Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDHow to reduce the RFI emissions from the TNC-2
NET/ROM ver 1.110TAPR StaffGeneral information on Net/Rom ver 1.1
The RATS Information Bulletin11TAPR StaffRATS Information bulletin Aug 20, 1987
NNC Project Update12Dave Toth, V E3GYQNNC Project Update
New WA8DED Firmware12TAPR StaffWA8DED new versions for the TNC-1 (1.3), TNC-2 (2.1), and PK-87 (2.1)
NET/ROM Mini-Directory13TAPR Staff6 pages of NETROM nodes as of Sept 1987
Letter to All Members concerning PRM19Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDLetter covering the move from PRM back to a separate PSR publication.

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
29Oct-87President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTAPR Board News, Redondo Beach ARRL CNC, DSP, PSK, PACSAT, etc
Beginner's Corner: State Machines, Part Two3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDSecond part on how state machines operate (Part One, Apr 86)
A Note to Network Implementor from Down Under5Barry White, VK6AABPossible conflicts with packet software in Australia
More about Australia5Phil Karn, KA9QAustralian regulations present problems for packet radio operations
TAPR Board of Director Nominations7Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTAPR Board Nomination Requested
Looking for some Tips!7Alan, WA4SCAComments on how to improve the PSR
Software Offering from the TAPR Office7TAPR StaffRecent additions to the Software Exchange
AMNET: An Amateur Packet Switched Network8Paul Flaherty, N9FZXNetworking discussion using the future Phase IV satellite
NET/ROM ver 1.39Mike Busch, W6IXUDiscussion of the new 1.3 version of Net/Rom
AX.25 Proposed Changes10Franklin Antonio, N6NKFRecommendations on changes that could be made to AX.25
Modifying the TAPR Beta TNC for the TAPR PSK Modem13Harry Bluestein, N6TEHow to use the PSK modem with the Beta TNC
PSK Modem Update14Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDCurrent status on the PSK Modem and design
In the Mailbox15Roy Engehausen, AA4RELatest news from the BBS world
Update on TAPR/AMSAT Joint Digital Processing Project16Bob McGwier, N4HYUpdate on DSP Project

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
30Jan-88President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDFuture Directions of TAPR, TNC Software, Annual Meeting
Beginner's Corner: An NRZ <> NRZI Alternative3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDA look at a Japanese designed NRZ NRZI circuit (includes circuit)
Philippine Packet Information Network (PPIN)4Glenn DU1FGAInformation on networking in the Philippines
TCP/IP Update4Andy Freeborn, N0CCZUpdate on KA9Q ver 871225.0
How to get the TCP/IP Code4Andy Freeborn, N0CCZInformation on how to get your copy of KA9Q TCP/IP
TCP/IP Hardware Considerations5Andy Freeborn, N0CCZWhat hardware is needed to operate KA9Q TCP/IP
NET/ROM Update5Mike Busch, W6IXUCurrent status of NetRom activity
Texas Packet Radio Society TexNet Update6Bill Wade, WD5HJPCurrent status of the TexNet Network and TPRS
In the Mailbox8Roy Engehausen, AA4RELatest news from the BBS world
AEA PK-FAX9TAPR StaffInformation on the new AEA PK-FAX
Red Ryder: A Packet Radio Terminal Construction Set for Any MAC -> TNC10Ron Cox, W9KFBHow to use Red Ryder Software on Packet with a Macintosh
PS-186 Project Status17Franklin Antonio, N6NKFWhat is the PS-186 and the current status of the project
Packet/Oscar/Preamp Control Box17Ron Cox, W9KFBDesign and construction of a preamp control box for packet and oscar use
MPC402-Overview19Lacy McCall, AC4XDescription of terminal software for the PC called McPaC
Packet Radio Mailbox System - PRMBS19Brian Riley, KA2BQE, and Dave Trulli, NN2ZDiscussion of the PRMBS software
TAPR Board Elections20Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDNominations include: Franklin Antonio, John Conner, Andy Freeborn, BDale Garbee, Skip Hansen, Dan Morrison, Phil Karn, Bill Reed
Software Offerings from the TAPR Office22TAPR StaffUpdate on Software Exchange

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
31Apr-88President's Corner1Andy Freeborn, N0CCZTribute to Lyle Johnson outgoing President
Dayton Hamvention Packet Radio Activities2Bert N8NNDayton Packet Radio Activities
NON-TECH Topics2Andy Freeborn, N0CCZDSP Excitement, TAPR Office Change, Membership Rolls
Hardware Happenings3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDigital Signal Processing News and Information on the DSP-1
TAPR to Coordinate Group Purchase of PS-186 Kits3TAPR StaffTAPR coordinates the purchase of PS-186 kits
Applied Digital Signal Processing: The Telebit Trailblazer Modem4Michael BallardHow the Trailblazer modem operates and take advantages of DSP technology
TAPR at Dayton5TAPR StaffTAPR Activities at Dayton
Digital Signal Processing: Book Recommendation5TAPR StaffRecommended DSP Books
DSP Update6Bob McGwier, N4HYStatus of the TAPR/AMSAT Project, Volunteers, Hardware, Software Information
PS-186 Project Status7Franklin Antonio, N6NKFStatus of the PS-186 Project
TNC-2 ver 1.1.5 w/KISS8TAPR StaffVersion 1.1.5 w/ KISS for the TNC is available
ROSE X.25 Switch Update9TAPR StaffInformation on current status of ROSE
Procedures for Downloading Materials from RATS10TAPR StaffInformation on how to download files from RATS
ROSE X.25 Switch User Guide10TAPR StaffSimple ROSE User Guide
In the Mailbox11Roy Engehausen, AA4RELatest news from the BBS world

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
32Aug-88President's Corner1Andy Freeborn, N0CCZProposed Amateur Digital Satellite
Please DO NOT READ unless you are a REAL Packet "Radio" Ham2Bob Gobrick, WA6ERBRadios are what is needed to improve packet radio
Big Sky Telegraph and Other Stories3Dave HughesHow the construction of the RF part of the BigSky network took place
DSP Project Update5Bob McGwier, N4HYDSP Project slowing due to PACSAT project, future plans
More Satellite NEWS!6Bob McGwier, N4HYNews on the FOUR upcoming satellites to be launched
NON-TECH Topics7Andy Freeborn, N0CCZDayton 88, Dayton 89, PACSAT, Books on Packet, TAPR Board Nominations
A Brief History of TNC's8Phil Karn, KA9QHistory of earlier TNC software and possible future directions
In the Mailbox9Roy Engehausen, AA4RELatest news from the BBS world
Packet at Dayton Hamvention 8810Bob Gobrick, WA6ERBDiscussion of what happened at Dayton 88
PS-186 Project Status11Franklin Antonio, N6NKFStatus of the PS-186 Project
PS-186 Kit Update12TAPR StaffUpdate on the purchase of the PS-186 kits
Software and Hardware available from TAPR12TAPR StaffCurrent Hardware and Software available from the TAPR office
AEA PK-232 Notes13Eric Gustafson, N7CLNotes on how to operate and setup the PK-232
Accurate HF Modem Alignment procedure for TNCs using the XR2211/2206 modems13Eric Gustafson, N7CLDetailed information on how to align XR2211 based modems

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
33Nov-88President's Corner1Andy Freeborn, N0CCZProject Updates: PACSAT, packet-RADIO, DSP
Change in TAPR Board of Directors2TAPR StaffDianne Marshall, AL7FG, resigns. Pete Eaton, WB9FLW, elected
It's Election time at TAPR2TAPR StaffNominations for Board Called for
Dayton 89 Plans2Pete Eaton, WB9FLWInformation on TAPR plans for Dayton 89
TAPR Annual Membership Meeting3TAPR StaffAnnual meeting scheduled for Feb 25th 1989
Software and Hardware available from TAPR3TAPR StaffCurrent software and hardware available and cost
Status Report on the KA9Q Internet Package4Bdale Garbee, N3EUADiscussion on the current status of the KA9Q software
APLINK- A dual port AMTOR/Packet BBS5Paul Newland, AD7IDiscussion of APLink software and it use
Update on Packet BBS Software and Operations5Dave Toth, VE3GYQHierarchical Addressing discussed
In the Mailbox6Roy Engehausen, AA4RELatest news from the BBS world
Hardware Happenings8Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDSP 1 INPUT/OUTPUT Interface Design
MAKKAIDO Hamvention Trip Report10Harold Price, NK6KReport from the JARL Hokkaido Hamvention
HAPN Modem Installation in the PacComm Tiny TNC-211Tom Bosscher, WA8UREDiscussion of the HAPN-T 4800 baud modem
NON-TECH Topics12Andy Freeborn, N0CCZpacket-RADIO team, NNC revisited, CNC 1988, CNC 1989, Financial Status
International Routing Designator13Lew Jenkines, N6VV, Dave Toth, VE3GYQ, Hank Oredson, W0RLIHierarchical Addresses for BBS's
DPLL derived data carrier detect (DCD) for filter based and signal chip modems14Eric Gustafson, N7CLTechnical discussion of how to improve DCD operations (became the TAPR DCD State Machine)
A different approach to networking20Hank Greeb, N8XXDiscussion of an alternate networking solution to a linear network
Radio setup and operations tips for HF packet22Eric Gustafson, N7CLTips on how to improve HF packet operations

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
34Feb-89President's Corner1Andy Freeborn, N0CCZComments on the No Code License
NON-TECH Topics2Andy Freeborn, N0CCZFinancial Report, Cast Your Vote, NNC Participant in Germany
The 1989 TAPR Annual Meeting2TAPR StaffAnnual meeting scheduled for Feb 25th 1989
"The View from the Peak"3George Hinds, N8CIXNo Code License Article
Software and Hardware available from TAPR4TAPR StaffCurrent software and hardware available and cost
DSP Hardware Update5Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTAPR/AMSAT DSP 1 hardware update
New Publication - "Digital Digest"6Scott Loftness, W3VSInformation on Digital Digest
Improved performance in your local area (and HF, too!)7Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInexpensive upgrades for KAM, PK-232, and a host of others (TAPR DCD State Kit)
AX.25 v2.0 upgrade for the TAPR TNC-18Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInformation on the upgrade available for the TNC-1
Instant Heros9Andy Freeborn, N0CCZThoughts on a FAX for packet ???
TAPR Board of Directors Election10TAPR StaffFranklin Antonio, Mike Chepponis, Roy Engehausen, Bdale Garbee, Steve Goode, Eric Gustafson, Lyle Johnson
In the Mailbox12Roy Engehausen, AA4RELatest news from the BBS world
"NO-CODE" - is it worth the hassle ?13Scott Loftness, W3VSComments on the proposed No-code license

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
35Jun-89President's Corner1Andy Freeborn, N0CCZCurrent status of the No Code License
NON-TECH Topics2Andy Freeborn, N0CCZDayton News, Software Service, AMSAT Journal, TAPR Office Hours, NET/ROM-TheNet Issue
Letter to the Editor3David Sumner, K1ZZComments on Article printed in PSR Issue #34, p. 13.
1989 TAPR Annual Meeting3Andy Freeborn, N0CCZComments on the 1989 Annual Meeting
1988 Financial Report4TAPR StaffTAPR Financial Report 1988
8th Networking Conference to be at the Air Force Academy4TAPR StaffARRL 8th CNC to be in Colorado Springs
Design Thoughts on the PCAST BBS, and how it differs from a ground based BBS5Harold Price, NK6KOverview of the PACSAT BBS system
Products available from TAPR8TAPR StaffCurrent software and hardware available and cost
TAPR News and Expended Software Service8TAPR StaffListing of TAPR Software Library
TheNet vs. NET/ROM9Andy Freeborn, N0CCZTAPR position on TheNet & NET/ROM
TheNet vs. NET/ROM Software Evaluation11Thomas Allen, WA6IGYSoftware Evaluation and Comparison of TheNet and NET/ROM
OIMO.EXE: Mailer for KA9Q TCP/IP Software Package15Shigeki Mattsushima, JK1RJQDiscussion of a Milaer for the KA9Q NET software
Announcing a new release of the KA9Q Internet Package 16TAPR StaffKA9Q rev. 890421.1 released and information
PK232 and MicroSat - Attaching a PSK Modem17TAPR StaffHow to attach the TAPR PSK modem to the AEA PK-232
PK232 Standard Modem Disconnect Upgrade18TAPR StaffDiscussion of the new TAPR PK-232 Disconnect Header
DCD Modification Kits now available from TAPR19Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTAPR's DCD State Machine Upgrade
TAPR now producing TNC-1 upgrade kits21TAPR StaffTAPR's TNC-1 to TNC-2 Upgrade Kit
TAPR's packetRADIO23TAPR StaffInformation on TAPR's packet-RADIO project
Bits in the Basement24Bdale Garbee, N3EUADiscussion on 10Ghz, TCP/IP
Using Round Table Packet Systems for Emergency Communications26David Cheek, WA5MWDHow to use packet Round Table Software for emergency communications
Packet Products27TAPR StaffPacomm announces several new products

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
36Oct-89President's Corner1Andy Freeborn, N0CCZAmateur Volunteers
NON-TECH Topics2Andy Freeborn, N0CCZNew kits/Software, A Frustration Solution, New Order Form, New TAPR Office Manager
TAPR Annual Membership Meeting4TAPR StaffAnnual Meeting to be held Feb 24th.
packetRADIO4Pete Eaton, WB9FLWUpdate on the Beta-Version of the packetRadio
packetRADIO Project4Greg Jones, WD5IVD, and Andy Freeborn, N0CCZHistory of the packetRADIO and design goals
Bits in the Basement7Bdale Garbee, N3EUADiscussion on TCP/IP, packetRADIO, 10Ghz, high-speed I/O, 1.2Ghz
Description of TAPR Packet Radio Kits9TAPR StaffFull Description of TAPR Kits

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
37Jan-90President's Corner1Andy Freeborn, N0CCZCast You vote, Annual Meeting Feb 24-25 Tucson
Upgrade Kit Information Errors2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDXR2211 DCD Upgrade. State Machine, PK-232 Disconnect Header
TAPR Board Minutes2Dave Toth, VE3GYQMinutes from the 1989 TAPR Board Meeting
NON-TECH Topics3Andy Freeborn, N0CCZNew PSR Editor, Office Activity, MicroSat Project, Software Library
TAPR Board of Directors Election4TAPR StaffW3IWI, WB9FLW, WD5IVD, N4PCR, W6SWE, NK6K, VE3GYQ
Notes from the TAPR Office5Heather Johnson, N7DZUNew office location and information
Bits in the Basement6Bdale Garbee, N3EUANeat Stuff Update, Packet in Japan
Packet and the California Earthquake8Lew Jenkins, N6VVHow packet was used during the earthquake of 1989
packetRADIO Progress Report11Deep InductorUpdate on the Packet Radio Project
Star Trek IV Packets12Bob McGwier, N4HYWas HF packet used in Star Trek IV ?
Report on the ARRL Digital Committee12Paul Newland, AD7ICurrent status of the ARRL Digital Committee
Microsat Status Update13Bob McGwier, N4HYUpdate on the Microsat Project
What are these G8BPQ Nodes14Bob Nielsen, W6SWEInformation on G8BPQ Node
Modems - Which one is the best? A Test Report14Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTest results of various modems and their performance

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
38Apr-90President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDNew office structure, How to get involved, Dayton
PSK Modem Cabinets Available2TAPR StaffTAPR has cabinets for the PSK modem
Secret Projects2TAPR StaffWhat happens when TAPR does projects ?
TAPR Board Minutes3Greg Jones, WD5IVDMinutes from the 1990 TAPR Board Meeting
NON-TECH Topics4Andy Freeborn, N0CCZFeb Meeting, Election Results, Congrats to AMSAT, Dayton '90
TNC-2 ver 1.1.7 software4TAPR StaffNew TNC-2 code 1.1.7 and what it does.
Bits in the Basement5Bdale Garbee, N3EUANeat Stuff in Progress, TAPR 1990, Terakoya
packetRADIO Update7Deep InductorUpdate on the Packet Radio Project
Dayton Hamvention8TAPR StaffNote on Dayton 1990
DSP Project Update8Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDUpdate on the TAPR/AMSAT DSP-1
TCP/IP for the Atari ST8TAPR StaffTCP/IP now available for the Atari ST
Notes from the TAPR Office9Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, Messages, Office Improvements. Summer Hours, Fax
Motorola MITREK Mods for the K9NG Modem9Mark Schroeder, WB7QGN, and Joe Oliver, WB7BNIModifications for the Motorola MITREK for 9600 baud operations
TAPR and the Amateur Marketplace10Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDWhy should TAPR being doing kits again
TAPR Meeting Notes11TAPR StaffHappenings at the 1990 TAPR Meeting
TAPR Software Library12TAPR StaffCurrent listing of software library

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
39Jul-90President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDMicrosats in orbit !
TNC-1 and Upgraded TNC-1 Memory Loss2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTechnical Information on the TNC-1 Memory loss when upgraded
NOVRAM Hints2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTNC-1 NOVRAM Hints and fix
PSK Modem Notes4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDPower Supply, PLL Calibration, Problems Tracking, Audio Levels, Audio Phase, Cabinets
PACSAT Protocol Suite - An Overview5Harold Price, NK6K, and Jeff Ward, G0/K8KADiscussion and description of the PACSAT Protocol
Interfacing the DRSI PC*PA to the TAPR PSK Modem6Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInformation on how to interface DRSI PC*PA to the PSK Modem
Connecting the TAPR State Machine DCD Upgrade to the DRSI PC*PA7Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInformation on how to interface DRSI PC*PA to the DCD State Machine
Bits in the Basement8Bdale Garbee, N3EUAWhat's up in Japan, HamCom, Bit Basement status, NOS-IN-A-BOX, 10Ghz Packet, 900 Mhz Packet
DSP Project Update8Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDUpdate on the TAPR/AMSAT DSP-1
Notes from the TAPR Office9Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, Technical Support, Upcoming Office Hours
9th Computer Networking Conference14TAPR StaffInformation on the 1990 CNC, London, Ont
TAPR Summer Sale!14TAPR StaffTAPR Sales old inventory
Software Library Update15Bob Nielsen, W6SWECurrent library listing
New Prices on New Items16TAPR StaffNew Prices announced for new items

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
40Oct-90President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDAMSAT-UK and 9th CNC Conferences, Elections
TAPR 1991 Annual Meeting2TAPR StaffInformation on 1991 TAPR Meeting
TAPR Board of Directors Election2TAPR StaffAnnouncements on Nominations for Election to TAPR Board
9600 bps FAX Test Results3Jeff King, WB8WKATest Results of the Yamaha V.92 Fax Chip
FAX Modems and Packet Radio4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDAn overview of 9600 bps operations using FAX technology on packet radio
Thoughts on a Dream Packet Network Trunk6Jack Taylor, N7OOThoughts on network construction
9th Computer Networking Conference7Greg Jones, WD5IVDOverview on the presentations held at the 9th CNC in London, Ont
SNS and TPRS Agreement8Greg Jones, WD5IVDCall for participation on commercial landline opportunity
First Impressions: What is a "First Impression?"9Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDThoughts on what makes a good and bad product review
First Impressions: PacComm PSK-1 PSK Modem9Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDProduct review of the PacComm PSK-1 PSK Modem
First Impressions: Kantronics Data Engine11Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDProduct review of the Kantronics Data Engine
Bits in the Basement8Bdale Garbee, N3EUANeat Stuff in Progress, '90 Flood, 56KB Modems, 10Ghz Stuff, NOS, Winfree
Interfacing the TAPR DCD State Machine to the Kantronics KAM HF16Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInformation on how to interface the DCD State to the Kantronics HF KAM port
Notes from the TAPR Office17Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, Telephone, Fax, General Info
Interfacing the TAPR PSK Modem to the Kantronics Data Engine18Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInformation on how to interface the TAPR PSK Modem to the Kantronics Data Engine
DSProgress20Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDUpdate on the TAPR/AMSAT DSP-1
Software Library Update20Bob Nielsen, W6SWECurrent library listing

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
41Jan-91President's Corner1Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDYear in Review
1991 Annual Meeting2TAPR StaffAnnual Meeting March 2-3, Tucson
DSProgress2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDUpdate on DSP-1 Project
METCON - A Simple Telemetry and Telecontrol System2Paul Newland, AD7IOverview of the METCON-1 Kit
Radio-M1 / RUDAK-22L. Labutin, UA3CRReview/Specification of the radio designed to work with RUDAK-2
Bits in the Basement6Bdale Garbee, N3EUACOPA, 56kb Modems, 10Ghz, Power Supplies, NOS, Unix Packet
Compact Packet10Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDATARI Portfolio palmtop on packet
DSPeculation10Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDSpeculation on the DSP-1 Project and other alternatives
TAPR Packet Radio Video10Greg Jones, WD5IVDNew edited version of the 1985 TAPR Packet Radio Video
Notes from the TAPR Office11Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, Technical Assistance
Software Library Update11Bob Nielsen, W6SWECurrent library listing
New TNC-2 Code Release fixes KISS DCD Bug11TAPR StaffFix to 1.1.7 code for KISS DCD Bug
Code to be Dropped from Technician Exam12ARRL LetterInformation concerning code-free class
We Know You're Out There!12TAPR StaffPSR is looking for articles
TAPR Board of Directors Election13TAPR StaffJerry Crawford, Andy Freeborn, Greg Jones, Dan Morrison, Bob Nielsen

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
42Apr-91President's Corner1Bob Nielsen, W6SWENew President, PSR moving to one editor, Kit Price Increase, Dayton
packetRadio Progress2Greg Jones, WD5IVDUpdate on packetRadio
Modifying the IC22A for 9600 baud operation2Mike Curtis, WD6EHR, and Dave Shalita, W6MIKInformation on how to mod the Icom 22A for 9600 baud operations
Visit to Japan3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDArticle about the visit to Japan that Lyle had in 1991
TAPR Packet Radio Video3Greg Jones, WD5IVDNew edited version of the 1985 TAPR Packet Radio Video
PSK Modem Manual Error3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDError in the PSK modem manual discussed
Minutes of the TAPR Board4Greg Jones, WD5IVDMinutes from the March 2nd, 1991 Board Meeting
Bits in the Basement6Bdale Garbee, N3EUATAPR Meeting, COPA, 56Kb Modems, 10Ghz, Dayton 91
Packet Radio used in Desert Storm8Jerry Crawford, K7UPJTAPR TNC technology used in Desert Storm
Kit Pricing8Greg Jones, WD5IVDDiscussion of how TAPR prices kits
TAPR Office Hints8Greg Jones, WD5IVDHints on how to contact and use the office
Meeting Minutes from the 1991 TAPR Annual Meeting9Paul Williamson, KB5MUSynopsis of Paul's Blow-by-Blow account of the 91 meeting
MetCon-1 Project Kit Status13Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDMETCON-1 Kit Status
Deviation Monitor13Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDiscussion of a Deviation Monitor for packet radio
DSP Hardware Update14Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDUpdate on DSP-1 Project
Notes from the TAPR Office11Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, Office Trivia
XR2211 DCD Modification Kit Note15Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDMinor error in XR2211 DCD doc
Young Folks and Packet Radio15Travis Wise, KB8FOUView of Packet from the younger perspective
A Note from the Editor16TAPR StaffPSR is looking for articles
Software Library Update11Bob Nielsen, W6SWECurrent library listing

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
43Jul-91President's Corner1Bob Nielsen, W6SWEMetCon-1, DSP-1, Reduced-price TNC-2 OEM, PR Video, 220Mhz
A Brief Look at the RAMSEY 2-meter Transceiver2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDProduct Review of the RAMSEY 2-meter radio
10th ARRL Amateur Radio Computer Networking Conference2TAPR Staff10th CNC San Jose, CA, Sept 1991
Bits in the Basement6Bdale Garbee, N3EUAPacket Racket 91, Dayton 91, FD 91, My Last Column
METCON-1 Now Available6TAPR StaffMETCON-1 Kits Available
TAPR Bylaws7TAPR StaffBylaws Revision Update
Notes from the TAPR Office10Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, Office Gossip
Deviation Meter Project10Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDeviation Meter Project in the works
packetRadio Update10Greg Jones, WD5IVDUpdate on the packetRadio project
Israel and Packet Satellites11Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDArticle on packet satellite activity in Israel
Surplus Inventory for Sale11TAPR StaffTAPR sales parts
Tuning Indicator11TAPR StaffTAPR TNC-2 Tuning Indicator being discontinued
FT736 and 9600 baud operation12James Miller, G3RUHFT736 mods for 9600 baud operations
Modifying the Motorola MOCOM 35 UHF Series FM Transceiver for 9600 baud packet12Ron Kramer, VE3MXModification to the MOCOM 35 UHF radio for 9600
Software Library Update14Bob Nielsen, W6SWECurrent library listing
TNC-2 Bare Boards; New OEM Terms Offered14TAPR StaffTNC-2 Bare Boards; New OEM Terms Offered

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
44Oct-91President's Corner1Bob Nielsen, W6SWEMetCon-1 alpha boards, Officer Changes, Board Nominations
TAPR's 10th Anniversary and Annual Meeting2TAPR Staff10th TAPR Annual Meeting, March 7-8, Tucson
PSR Available for the Blind2TAPR StaffPSR is now available in a format for the blind
TAPR Board of Directors Election2TAPR StaffCall for Nominations
DSP Update2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDUpdate on the DSP-1
I'm Not a Candidate3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDWhy I am not rerunning
MetCon-1: A Status Report3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDMetCon-1 in production
Deviation Meter4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDProject Status and Design Review
An Introduction to Packet Satellites4Jonathan Nayor, G4KLXOverview on the Packet Satellites
10th ARRL CNC Report7Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDReport on happenings at the 10th ARRL CNC
BBS Message Authentication8Phil Karn, KA9QArticle on BBS Message Authentication
Notes from the TAPR Office10Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, TAPR Badges
PSK Use on 10 Meters11Julius Breit, W9UWE, and Walt Kaelin, KB6BTHF Packet Radio with PSK Successful, more PSK activity
Software Library Update12Bob Nielsen, W6SWECurrent library listing

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
45Jan-92President's Corner1Bob Nielsen, W6SWEpacketRADIO, DSP, DevMeter, TrakBox, Annual Meeting
TAPR 1992 10th Anniversary Annual Meeting2TAPR StaffTAPR Annual Meeting, Mar 7-8, 1992, Tucson
Deviation Meter Project Progress3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDDevMeter Project Update and Design Discussion
TrakBox Project4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInformation on TrakBox
TAPR Board Shelves PacketRADIO Project5TAPR StaffInformation on why/how packetRADIO development halted
DSP, A Status Review5TAPR StaffHardware Completed, Beta to start
Disabling Pre/De-Emphasis to Increase Link Range5Richard Place, WB2JLRDiscussion on disabling this feature on radios
A new 9600 BPS Modem5Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTAPR works on new 9600 bps modem
Notes from the TAPR Office8Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, MetCon-1, Closeouts
9600 baud packet handbook8Mike Curtis, WD6EHRMike Curtis handbook on 9600 baud
Notes about 9600 bps and G3RUH Modems13Bill Clack, NX2PDiscussion of G3RUH Modem
The YU3 38,400bps Packet Radio Network13Matjaz Vidmar, YT3MVArticle from QEX on the YU3 38.4K packet radio network
Additional Comments on 38,400 bps15John Papson, WB2CIKComments on the YU3 38.4K packet radio network
What is TCP/IP ?16Tadd Torborg, KA2DEWArticle on TCP/IP
Modifying the Kantronics DE-1200 for full-duplex repeater operations17Bdale Garbee, N3EUAHow to modify the Kantronics DE-1200 for full-duplex
Software Library18TAPR StaffSoftware Library Listing

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
46Apr-92President's Corner1Bob Nielsen, W6SWEAnnual Meeting, Board Changes, DSP, packetRADIO
1991 Summary Financial Statement2TAPR Staff1991 Financial Statement
Projects Update3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD9600 bps modem, TrakBox Kit, Deviation Meter, DSP
TAPR Announces 1.1.8 firmware for TNC-26TAPR Staff1.1.8 released, KISS fixed and host mode available
Advantages of a Bit-Regenerating Repeater for Local Area Networks7Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDArticle on Bit-Regenerating Repeaters
Notes from the TAPR Office8Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, Office News
On TAPR's new 9600 baud modem9James Miller, G3RUHJames comments to Lyle Article in PSR #45
UoSAT Update - March 10, 199210Jeff Ward, G0/K8KAUpdate on UoSAT satellites as of March 10, 1992
A Blow-by-Blow Account of the 1992 TAPR Annual Meeting13Paul Williamson, KB5MUNotes on what happened at the TAPR 92 Annual Meeting
Software Library Update25Lou Nigro, KW7HSoftware Library Update

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
47Jul-92President's Corner1Bob Nielsen, W6SWEDayton, HF STA and semiautomatic operations
TAPR 9600 bps Modem Notes2Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDQuestion and Answers on the 9600 bps modem
Interfacing the TAPR 9600 bps Modem to an AEA PK-883Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDHow to interface to the AEA-PK88
Interfacing the TAPR 9600 bps Modem to an AEA PK232MBX5Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDHow to interface to the AEA-PK232MBX
Interfacing the TAPR 9600 bps Modem to a DRSI PC*PA7Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDHow to interface to the DRSI PC*PA
Interfacing the TAPR 9600 bps Modem to a TAPR TNC-18Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDHow to interface to the TAPR TNC-1
First Impressions - Tasco's TNCs9Bob Nielsen, W6SWE and Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDImpressions of the Tasco's TNCs
PSK Modem Interface for KAM12Daniel Walter, NM3AHow to modify the KAM for PSK operations
Software Library Update13Lou Nigro, KW7HSoftware Library Update
Notes from the TAPR Office14Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, TrakBox, DevMeter, Publications, 9600 modem, volunteers
ARRL 11th CNC14TAPR Staff11th CNC to be hosted by RATS, NJ, Nov, 1992
ARRL Board Votes to Squelch Automatic HF Digital Operations15Tom Clark, W3IWISummary of the HF digital operations controversy
A Proposal for Automatic Operations on HF26Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDAlternate proposal for HF automatic operations

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
48Oct-92President's Corner1Bob Nielsen, W6SWEHF Forwarding, Board Nominations, 9600 modem
TAPR Board of Director Nominations1TAPR StaffCall for board nominations
Interfacing the TAPR 9600 bps modem to the AEA PCB-883Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDHow to interface to the AEA PCB-88
Improved Data Slicer for K9NG Modem3Brian Kantor, WB6CYTModifications to improve K9NG Modems
TAPR 9600 bps Modem Revised4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDUpdated 9600 bps modem explained
The HAPN-T 4800 baud Modem4Don Rotolo, N2IRZDiscussion of the HAPN-T and its operation
TAPR Now on Internet4Bob Nielsen, W6SWETAPR's Internet access
Interfacing NB-9600/G3RUH to D4-105Mark Bitterlich, WA3JPYHow to interface to the Kantronics D4-10
New MetCon Kit5Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDMetCon-1 changes described
Packet Radio at 19.2kB - A Progress Report6John Ackermann, AG9VDiscussion of the 19.2K network be built in Ohio
Expect another MicroSat in 19929OSCAR NewsDiscussion of UNAMSAT-1
Students Participating in Packet Networking9Conrad Ekstrom Jr, WB1GXMDiscussion of Packet in Education
What's Wrong with NET/ROM, TheNET, and TheNET-Plus ?10Scott Cronk, N7FSPDiscussion of three problems
CLOVER Beta-Test11HAL CommunicationsClover in Beta-Test
Notes from the TAPR Office11Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, Office News
Report and Recommendation to the ARRL Board of Directors from the ARRL Committee on Amateur Radio Digital Communications - September 26, 199212TAPR StaffRecommendation on HF Digital Operations
Software Library Update14Lou Nigro, KW7HSoftware Library Update

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
49Jan-93President's Corner1Bob Nielsen, W6SWE9600 modem, Annual Meeting, Digital Committee
TAPR Board of Directors Nominations2TAPR StaffNominations are still open
METCON Updates3Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDTwo new accessories available: ADC, ETP
Satellite Gateway List3Dave Medley, KI6QEListing on satellite gateway stations
TAPR Deviation Meter Kit4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD2nd design on DevMeter and its Features
TAPR 1993 Annual Meeting5TAPR StaffTAPR Annual Meeting scheduled March 6-7, 92 Tucson
Interfacing the TAPR 9600 bps Modem to an AEA PK232MBX6Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInterfacing with the new MBX motherboard
Alinco DR-1200T at 96008Ramon, KP4TRInterface information on the Alinco DR-1200T
Two TNCs on One Radio9Rich Place, WB2JLRSchematic and notes on having two TNCs on one radio
Youth Activities10Travis Wise, KB8FOUPacket Radio Pen Pals for Youth Groups
Packet TCP/IP Address Coordinators as of 15 December 199210Brian Kantor, WB6CYTTCP/IP Address coordinators
California/Chicago Wormhole Update11Carl Bergstedt, K9VXMDescription of wormhole available in Chicago area
Converting the IC-471A for 9600 baud12Don Lemke, WB9MJNModifying the IC-471A for 9600 operations
Software Library Update13Lou Nigro, KW7HSoftware Library Update
Notes from the TAPR Office14Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, Office News

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
50Apr-93President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDBoard Changes, Project Updates, The Future
TAPR Internet Access Revised2Bob Nielsen, W6SWEInternet server has new features
1993 Annual TAPR Meeting3Gary Hauge, N4CHV, and Mike Curtis, WD6EHRHappenings at the TAPR 92 Annual Meeting
Notes on the TAPR Deviation Meter Kit6Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDErrata and other information to the new DevMeter kit
Interfacing the DevMtr to a Radio Shack 2021 Scanner7Jeff Angus, WA6FWIHow to interface the RS 2021 Scanner to the DevMeter
Patching TNC-2 1.1.8 for power-up in CONV/TRANS7Howard Goldstein, N2WXSimple patch of EPROM image for powerup default
Notes from the TAPR Office8Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, Office News
NOS Intro8TAPR StaffCAPRA making NOSIntro available
Fuji Remote Packet Operation8Mike Mansfield, G6AWDOperating Fuji Oscar
UO-22. Satgates and Improved Performance9Jeff Ward, G0SUL/K8KAAssessing the present performance of UoSAT-22
UHF Micro Radio at 9600 bps10Hartley Gardner, W1OQModifying the UHF Micro Radio for 9600

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
51Jul-93President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDDSP-93, PCON, TUC-52, Internet, Annual Meeting, Membership
TAPR Project Proposal Format2TAPR StaffFormat for Proposal on Projects to TAPR
Notes from the TAPR Office3Heather Johnson, N7DZUOffice Update, Office News, Internet
TAPR/AMSAT DSP Project Update3TAPR StaffNew DSP-93 Project Update
TrakBox Project4Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInformation on the Trakbox
TrakBox again available from TAPR4TAPR StaffTAPR offering more Trakbox kits
An Automatic Doppler Correction Circuit for FSK/FM Satellites5Mike Dorsett, G6GEJCircuit description for automatic doppler correction
RealTrak6Michael Owen, W9IPSoftware that support the TrakBox hostmode
ITAMSAT Project Status6Paolo Pitacco, IW3QBNUpdate on the ITAMSAT Microsat Project
All G3RUH Modems Are Not the Same7Robert Dubke, K0SIRDescription of some hands on work with G3RUH modems
1994 Annual TAPR Meeting7TAPR StaffTAPR Annual Meeting, March 5-6, 94, Tucson
1993 ARRL Conf on Digital Communications8TAPR StaffInformation on the 1993 ARRL Digital Conference
Valley Forge HAMSHOWS 1993 Convention8TAPR StaffDescription of TAPR activities during the 93 Valley Forge Hamshow
TNC-2 and the TAPR 9600 bps Modem9Don Werts, N7NKJDocuments the minimum parts required to use the TAPR TNC-2 and 9600 bps modem
Forward Error Correction10Harold Price, NK6K, and Phil Karn, KA9QArticle on Forward Error Correction Strategies
5 1/4" Diskette12TAPR StaffTAPR will discontinue 5 1/4" disk. Only handle 3.5" disk in software library
Software Library Update13Lou Nigro, KW7HSoftware Library Update

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
52Oct-93President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDProject Updates, Coming Year, Annual Meeting, Membership
Wanted: MetCon Users with units in the field!2TAPR StaffArticles needed for MetCon publication
Office Move3TAPR StaffTAPR Office to move the first of 1994
Nominations Sought for TAPR Board of Directors3TAPR StaffNominations for 1994 Elections Requested
Valley Forge Convention3TAPR StaffWhat happened at the Valley Forge Show
DSP-93: The Join DSP Program (TAPR/AMSAT)4Bob Strickin, N5BRGHistory of the DSP-93, discussion of the design and schedule
Equipment Options for Medium to High-Speed Packet5Barry McLarnon, VE3JFOverview of equipment and accessories for data modems
Hi-Speed Digital Communications in Japan9Ryuji Suzuki, JF7WEXDiscussion of packet radio operations in Japan
Using Packet Radio in Education10Larry Lucas, N5XRZHow Packet is used in Education: An Example
12 Annual Digital Communication Conference11TAPR StaffInformation on the 12th DCC in Tampa
Notes from the TAPR Office11Heather Johnson, N7DZULast Notes from the Tucson Office
TrakBox Update12Jack Davis, WA4EJRFirmware and other Trakbox update information
Backlit TrakBox Display12Jim Shepherd, K6OYYBacklighting circuit for TrakBox
Restrictions Relaxed on Permissible Communications in the Amateur Service12TAPR StaffInformation on FCC amended amateur rules
A New High Speed Terminal Node Controller13Ronald Alber, DG8GADInformation on the German TNC-3 System
TAPR 1994 Annual Meeting16TAPR StaffTAPR Annual Meeting scheduled for March 5-6, 94, Tucson
Downloading files from the TAPR File Server16Lou Nigro, KW7HHow to access the new file area on the TAPR Internet server
TAPR DevMtr Notes17Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDErrata to the DevMeter Documentation
New MicroSats - A Personal View18Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDNew Microsats just launched
*** Connect Request18TAPR StaffPeople looking for help
Software Library Update20Lou Nigro, KW7HSoftware Library Update

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
53Jan-94President's Report1Greg Jones, WD5IVDFirst of the year, membership issues, other items
Office Changes3TAPR StaffTAPR Office moves from Tucson, Az to Denton, Tx
Membership Demograohics4Greg Jones, WD5IVDMembership breakdown by State and Country
TAPR 1994 Annual Meeting5TAPR StaffAnnouncement for Annual Meeting to be in Tucson, Az
Board Nominations6TAPR StaffJack Taylor, N7OO; Ron Bates, AG7H; Mel Whitten, K0PFX; Jack Davis, WA4EJR; John Koster, W9DDD; Greg Jones, WD5IVD; William Beech, NJ7P
Member Discount7TAPR StaffMembers can now receive 10% off on kits and publications
PCON (Packet Printer Controller)8Paul Newland, AD7IArticle and Scenarios on the PCON project
DSP-93 Project Update9Bob Stricklin, N5BRGAlpha testing going well and software being written
PCON and TUC-52 Project Update10Paul Newland, AD7IPCON and TUC-52 project status report
METCON Project Ideas10Paul Newland, AD7IStrip Chart Recorder, NiCad Battery Exerciser
Dayton Convention Preliniaries11TAPR StaffAnnouncement on 1994 Dayton activities
TrakBox Panel Layouts12Felton Mitchell, WA4OSRPanel Drawings in Corel Draw 3
More on using the Alinco DR-1200T at 9600 baud13John Webster, KK4LPModifications for the DR1200T for 9600 baud operations
Another Froward Looking Teacher Seeks to use Packet Radio13Larry Lucas, N5XRZSheri Herod, KB5UUE, uses packet radio in her classroom in Dallas, Texas
ARRL National Digital Conference 1994 Announcement14TAPR StaffDCC to be hosted by TwinsLan in MN on August 19-21
AMST-UK E-Mail address14Jeff WardAMSAT-UK e-mail address changed
Product Review: AntennasWest Pico-J Two-Meter Portable Antenna15Dave Wolf, WO5HReview of PicoJ Antenna
GRAPES Address Correction15TAPR StaffGRAPES address changes
Error Correction Codes for Packet Radio16Tom McDermott, N5EGArticle on Error Correction Codes
HROUTE Forwarding - An Alternate Approach18Mike Steup, KA2MSLArticle on a different approach to PBBS forwarding
Using the G3RUH Modem at Higher Speeds19James Miller, G3RUHArticle on how to modify G3RUH modem at various speeds
Packet Software for the MAC: Savant20George Dorner, W9ZSJArticle on the Savant communications program for the MAC that works well on packet
Interim Report of the ad hic 219MHz committee21TAPR StaffProposed Plan for 219MHz with historical information about the report
Secretary's Repoer - A year in review25Gary Hauge, N4CHVOverview of the past year
*** Connection Request25TAPR StaffPeople looking for help
Software Library Update20Lou Nigro, KW7HSoftware Library Update

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
54Apr-94President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDAndy Freeborn, N0CCZ passes, comments on 1994 annual meeting, technical support issues, update on projects
TAPR Office Voice System3TAPR StaffNumbers and Information on the new TAPR Voice System
TAPR 1994 Annual Meeting4Dave Wolf, WO5HDave's thoughts on the annual meeting
LA/Chicago Wormhole5Don Lemke, WB9MJNInformation on the LA/Chicago connection
Interfacing the TAPR 9600bps modem to an AEA PK885Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDHow to interface the AEA PK88 to the TAPR 9600 baud modem
Silent Key: Andy Freeborn, N0CCZ6TAPR StaffComments from various people on Andy's passing
Did you miss the TAPR Annual Meeting6TAPR StaffTAPR proceedings available
Commission Amends Rules Concerning Message Forwarding Systems in the Amateyr Service7FCCFCC has relaxed rules regarding message forwarding systems (PBBS)
TAPR Internet Update7TAPR Staffnew commands on the listserv
NET SIG8John Ackermann, AG9VNETSIG created
Landline BBS provides STS-59 SAREX Information9AMSAT News ServiceHow to get the latest SAREX information
*** Connection Request9TAPR StaffPeople looking for help
BBS SIG10Dave Wolf, WO5HBBS SIG created
Phase 3D - A Satellite for all Amateurs11AMSAT-UKInformation on the new P3D satellite
A Proposal for a Standard Digital Radio Interface13Jeffery Austen, K9JAArticle on creating a standard digital radio interface
New TAPR members15TAPR StaffA welcome to all the new members
NET SIG at Dayton16John Ackermann, AG9VActivities of the NET SIG at Dayton 1994
Report of TAPR BBS SIG Meeting at Dayton HamVention16Dave Wolf, WO5HActivities of the BBS SIG at Dayton 1994
Dayton 199417Greg Jones, WD5IVDTAPR Happening at the Hamvention 1994
Boartd of Directors Meeting Minutes, 4 March 199418Gary Hauge, N4CHVReports, New Business, Goals for 1994
Digital Communications via Phase 3D20Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInformation on the RUDAK-U and RUDAK-E systems
13th ARRL Digital Communications Conference22TAPR StaffInformation regarding the 13th annual DCC to be hosted in Bloomington, Minn
Reference PSR Sets Available22TAPR StaffVol 1,2,3 available with all PSRs

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
55Jul-94DSP-93: The TAPR/AMSAT Joint DSP Program1TAPR StaffAnnouncement of Kit Sales, Design, Software Suite, Code Development, Future Options
President's Corner5Greg Jones, WD5IVDDSP-93, AN-93, SIGs, Advertising, Regulatory Issues
Introducing the AN-93 TAPR kit8TAPR StaffHF modem kit
BBS SIG9Dave Wolf, WO5HBBS SIG Report
13th ARRL Digital Communications Conference9TAPR StaffInformation regarding the 13th annual DCC to be hosted in Bloomington, Minn
Authorization of Automatic Control for HF Digital Communications in Amateur Service10FCCPR Docket 94-59 proposed changes for HF AX.25 automatic control
Commission Amends Rules Forwarding Systems in the Amateur Service11FCCPR Docket 93-85 proposed changes for BBS mail forwarding rules
Petition for Reconsideration of the Commission's Rules Concerning Message Forwarding Systems in the Amateyr Service12Phil Karn, KA9QPetition for Reconsideration regarding BBS mail forwarding rules
Commercial Communicationm Companies Agree to Provide Emergency Communicartions for Red Cross14McCaw/AT&T/Red CrossPress Release regarding helping red cross with cellular communications
NOSintro Author, Ian Wade changes e-mail address15TAPR StaffNOSintro Author, Ian Wade changes e-mail address
Non-Tech Topics15TAPR StaffPhase IIID - RUDAK-U, ARRL DCC 95, TAPR in San Diego, TAPR to distribute DCC proceedings, TUC-52/PCON, Project Proposal, Membership Growth
Packet TCP/IP Address Coordinators as of 15 June 199416Brian KantorListing of TCP/IP Coordinators in the US
Interantional subnet Coordinators by Country17Brian KantorListing of TCP/IP Coordinators outside the US
Packet Status Register17TAPR StaffPSR has been changing it looks
A Primer on Reliability as Applied to Amateur Radio Packet Networks18Tom McDermott, N5EGTechnical Article covering issues to building long distance RF networks
TAPR Internet Update19TAPR StaffUpdate on Internet services
ICOM's IC-820H: A Satellite User's Perspective20James Miller, G3RUHArticle on how the ICOM IC-820 work on satellites
Outline of a Broadcast Protocol using Negative Acknowledgement24Dirk-Jan KoopmanArticle on a new protocol
TAPR Technical Support Group26TAPR StaffTAPR is looking for more technical support volunteers
TAPR Technical Support Policy26Greg Jones, WD5IVDTAPR statement on technical support
Update on the RUDAK-U Project27Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDUpdate on the development and design of the RUDAK-U
Network Enhancements Implemented in the CT/NJ/NY Region28Frank Warren, KB4CYC, Andrew Funk, KB7UV, Scott Weiss, KB2EARReport of the Ad-Hoc Tri-State Managed Packet Group (MGTBBS) on improving BBS message forwarding
TAPR Mail Delayed29TAPR StaffWith the address change, mail sent to the old POB has been late in getting to the office
TAPR 1995 Annual Meeting30Mel Whitten, K0PFXTAPR Annual Meeting will be in St Louis, MO in 1995

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
56Oct-94President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDHas much changed since 1985
TAPR DCD Mod in the MFJ 1270C TNC3Bruce Spacer, WB8VCMThe MFJ 1270C TNC doesn't require the XR2211 DCD mod
Kooling off the AEA PK-963Mel Whitten, K0PFXMethods of how to cool the AEA PK-96
AX.25 version 2.23TAPR StaffAX.25 version 2.2 under consideration
TAPR 1995 Annual Meeting - March 3-5, 19954TAPR StaffInformation on the 1995 TAPR Annual Meeting to be in St Louis, MO
FCC 800-Number5FCCFCC establishes 800 number at Gettysburg licensing division
13th ARRL Digital Communications Conference6Greg Jones, WD5IVD (ed)Report on the 13th ARRL Digital Communications Conference
The ARRL National DCC as I saw it...9Dave Wolf, WO5HDave's thoughts on the 13th annual DCC
Impact of Part 97 Changes on HF Digital Modes10Johan Forrer, KC7WWHow does the new proposed amendment to Part 97 accommodate future HF modes
St Louis TCP/IP Packet Network Update11John Wilson, N0TYZUpdate on the TCP/UP network in St Louis
SIG Updates12Greg Jones, WD5IVDUpdate on SIG Activities
Introducing the TAPR HF SIG12Johan Forrer, KC7WWObjectives for the HF SIG
Proposed Recommendation for Hierarchical Addressing Protocol14Dave Wolf, WO5H, Greg Jones, WD5IVD, Roy Engehausen, AA4RE, Hank Oredson, W0RLIProposal for x.3.4 BBS forwarding
RUDAK-U Update16Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDWhat, When, How, and some details on RUDAK-U
"@USBBS: Addressing Packet Bulletins18Brian Battles, WS1OArticle on how to improve the usage of @USBBS usage
Proposal: A High Speed Multicast-capable Packet System for the 219MHz Band20Jeff King, WB8WKAArticle on how to implement multicast on 219 using the DSY modems
Help TAPR Create a Data Base of Regional Organizations21TAPR StaffTAPR is generating an accurate list of regional and local packet groups
Nominations Sought for TAPR Board of Directors22TAPR StaffNominations for 1995 Elections Requested
Office Closed for Christmas22TAPR StaffOffice will be closed for the Holidays
Changes in the TAPR Telephone System22TAPR StaffBased on member input, phone system changed
RUDAK-U23TAPR StaffRUDAK-U Project fund raising
Dayton '95 - The Packet Connection23TAPR StaffTAPR changing dinner location next year at Dayton
DSP-93 Update23TAPR StaffUpdate on the DSP-93 first run and future
AN-93 Kit Update23TAPR StaffSetback on AN-93 kit
Introduction of the TAPR HF SIG23TAPR StaffInformation about the new HF SIG
TAPR.ORG Update (Yet Again)24TAPR StaffUpdate on changes at TAPR.ORG
ARRL 14th Digital Communications Conference24TAPR StaffTAPR and TPRS to host ARRL 14th DCC in Dallas in 1995
ARRL CNC and DCC Proceedings25TAPR StaffTAPR now has all past proceeding issues of the DCC
Software LIbrarian Change25TAPR StaffLou Nigro, KW7H, leaves and Bob Nielsen, W6SWE, steps in until we can find a full time replacement
Parts Procurement25TAPR StaffTAPR is looking for members to help with parts
San Diego Convention, August 199425TAPR StaffReport on TAPR at the ARRL Southwestern Division Convention
A Network Building Opportunity26Carl Bergstedt, K9VXWTAPR to help make available 1.2G radio from Germany available
12th Space Symposium and AMSAT Anuual Meeting28Greg Jones, WD5IVDReport on the AMSAT meeting in Orlando

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
57Jan-95President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDReflections on 1994 and the upcoming year
1995 ARRL Digital Communications Conference3Dave Wolf, WO5HAnnouncement of 1995 ARRL DCC to be in Dallas, Texas
Update on the Proposed Hierarchial Addressing Protocol3TAPR StaffRevised Proposed Hierarchical Addressing after feedback
Position Paper on Packet Bulletins4TAPR StaffTAPR Board passes Hierarchical Addressing Protocol
EASTNET VHF/UHF Backbone System5John Gubernard, K2LSXInformation on the EASTNET VHF/UHF Backbone System
Amateur HF Digital Bibliography6Rick Whiting, W0TNAmateur Radio Periodical Literature Bibliography
Intorduction of the APRS Special Interest Group8Keith Sproul, WU2ZAPRS SIG formed
BBS SIG Report8Dave Wolf, WO5HBBS User's Guide, Update on x.3.4 BBS forwarding recommendation
Scribes Needed9TAPR StaffSIGs are looking for members to help write reports each quarter on SIG activity
HF SIG Report9Johan Forrer, KC7WWMod/Demod for HF Digital, DSP platforms, HF channel simulator
MFJ-9600 Modem Modification10David Bray, N0ITSHow to make the modem work better
Interfaciung the TAPR Deviation Meter to a PRO-50810Toshio Imao, JA2DXYHow to interface the DevMeter to the PRO-508
Packet Radio Network for Volcano Monitoring11Roland MaxchenbaumArticle on the use of packet radio network to monitor the Taal volcano in the Philippines
Regional Organization List14TAPR StaffRegional List of Packet Radio Groups
"@USBBS: Feedback15Bill Neal, N0NSAComment to the article printed in PSR 56, p. 18
PSR Deadlines15TAPR StaffDeadline for PSR
ICOM IC-970 Modem Interfaces for Satellite Communications17Roy Welch, W0SLSteps on how to modify the ICOM IC-970
User and Development Interfaces for the DSP-9318TAPR StaffIntroduction for the next two articles (D93WE and DSP93 Control)
D93WE: A Windows Development Environment for the TAPR/AMSAT DSP-9318Tom McDermott, N5EGArticle discusses the D93WE windows development environment for the DSP-93
DSP-93 Control: A Macintosh Development Environment for the TAPR/AMSAT DSP-9323Ron Parsons, W5RKNArticle discusses the DSP-93 Control development environment for the DSP-93
Packet Radio and TAPR are on the World Wide Web25TAPR StaffNew TAPR web pages
DRSI Ends Sales of Ham Products25Andy DemartiniDRSI to drop ham products sales
TAPR TNC-2 Release 1.1.927TAPR StaffTAPR offers new 1.1.9 release of TNC-2 code
FCC Denies Reconsideration of Message Forwarding Rules28FCCFCC denies Petition for Reconsideration regarding BBS mail forwarding rules [see PSR#55]
Spread Spectrum STA Renewed28Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZPBuass STA extended
NPRM: Allocation of Spectrum Below 5GHz Transferred from Federal Government Use29FCC2390-2400MHz, 2402-2417MHz, 4660-4685MHz
TAPR 1995 Annual Meeting32TAPR StaffInformation on the 1995 TAPR Annual Meeting to be in St Louis
New Dayton HamVention Packet Event!33TAPR StaffInformation on the 1995 Packet BASH for Dayton HamVention
TAPR Board of Directors Elections34TAPR StaffJohn Ackermann, AG9V, Robert Diersing, N5AHD, Barry McLarnon, VE3JF, Jim Neely, WA5LHS
Kits Update35TAPR Staff1.2GHz Radios, TAPR TNC-95, Trakbox Firmware Update, TUC-62, DSP-93 update
RUDAK-U Fund Raiser38TAPR StaffRUDAK-U Fund Raiser
TAPR Prcoesses Shareware Registration for PaKet38TAPR StaffTAPR has been appointed an official registration site for paKet
Software Library Update20Bob Nielsen, W6SWESoftware Library Update

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
58Apr-95Preisdent's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVD1995-1996 Remarks
1995 TAPR Annual Meeting3TAPR StaffReport on the 1995 Annual Meeting held in St Louis
Membership Demographics 6TAPR StaffMembership breakdown by State and Country
New ARRL CAD Mail Group6TAPR StaffNew ARRL CAD List
Update on 23cm RF Hardware6Carl Bergstedt, K9VXWUpdate on the 1.2G German Radio Kit Purchase
New BBS SIG Chair7Dave Wolf, WO5HBarry Buelow, WA0RJT to take over as BBS SIG
BBS SIG Report7Barry Buelow, WA0RJTUpdate on BBS SIG
HF SIG Summary7Johan Forrer, KC7WWHF Channel Simulator, HF Modem Technology, Error Control Coding, important notes
RUDAK-U Contributions9TAPR StaffSpecial Thanks to all the following who contributed
Commercial Radios for Amateur Packet Applications10Keith Justice, KF7TPMOCOM-70, Micor, Syntor, Mitrek
Annual Meeting Proceedings11TAPR StaffProceedings from the St Louis annual meeting
DAMA - Demand Assigned Multiple Access12Detlef Schmidt, DK4EGA new method of handling packets
Overview of the Friday DSP Symposium15Bill Reed, WD0ETZReport on the DSP Symposium held at the TAPR annual meeting
The Pacific Northwest Amateur Radio TCP/IP Network16Steve Stroh, N8GNJArticle on the TCP/IP network in the Pacific Northwest
RUDAK-U18Harold Price, NK6KUpdate and Summary of the RUDAK-U project
Review of the TAPR BBS Sysop Guide18Presley Smith, N5VGCReview of the BBS Guide by Barry Buelow, WA0RJT
HF Automatic Digital Approved19FCCFCC will amend rules for limited automatic control PR 94-59
APRS Video Problems under Windows20Dave Henderson, N3EOYFew hints on video displays problems when using DOS APRS
1995 Special Olympics World Summer Games20Brian Battles, WS1OInformation about the Special Olympics to be held in CT
*** Connect Request21TAPR StaffPeople looking for help
Data Speed Tests of HF Pactor and G-TOR Modes21Marvin Bernstein, W2PATTesting of Pactor and G-TOR modes over HF
Kit Updates26TAPR StaffDSP-93, Publications, AN-93, TNC-96, TUC-52
TAPR Project Proposal Format27TAPR StaffTAPR Project Proposal Format
Minutes of the 1995 TAPR Board of Directors Meeting28Gary Hauge, N4CHVMinutes from the 1995 St Louis, MO Board meeting
TAPR Software Library now available from ftp.tapr.org29Bob Nielsen, W6SWETAPR Software Library now available from
Software Library Update20Bob Nielsen, W6SWESoftware Library Update

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
59Jul-95President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDDCC Information, Project Lists
Upcoming TAPR Radio Modem Design/Theory Book3TAPR StaffTom McDermott, N5EG writes a new book on Modem Design and Theory
Apple Proposal for new Wireless Data Service4Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZPSummary of Apple Petition for NII Band
Comments to the FCC on the Apple Wireless Data Service Proposal4Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZPWarpSpeed Imagineering Reply Comments to NII Band Proposal
Interfacing the TAPR 9600bps Modem with the Ottawa PI2 Packet Interface Card6Steve Bible, N7HPRArticle describes the interfacing of a TAPR 9600bps modem with the Ottawa PI2 interface card
What is a PI2 Card9OARC Packet Working GroupWhat is a PI2 Card
Linux and Ottawa PI/PI2 Card Mini-How To10Barry LcLarnon, VE3JFLinux and Ottawa PI/PI2 Card Mini-How To
*** Connect Request12TAPR StaffPeople looking for help
APRS Version 7.013Bob Bruninga, WB4APRv 7.0 APRS DOS is available
SMACK - Protocol Description13Jan Schiefer, DL5UE, Dieter Deyke, DK5SGArticle on an improved KISS protocol
Packet Radio in Education16Greg Jones, WD5IVDIntroduction to Packet Radio in Education Series
Access Point17TAPR StaffCompendium of recent books, articles, and on-line information
More on Commercial Radios for Amateur Packet Applications18Keith Justic, KF7TPCrystals, Connectors, Retuning the Recv and Xmiter
League Offers Kit for 219-220 MHz Requests19ARRLLeague Offers Kit for 219-220 MHz Requests
DSP-93 Software Update20Ron Parsons, W5RKNNew Items, Documentation Update, list of software suite available
Update on DSP-93 HotHF Modem21Dave Mills, W3HCFNew DSP-93 mode for HF
DSP-93 Kit SIG23Bob Stricklin, N5BRGInformation on DSP-93 issues
Introducing the TAPR-TNC SIG23Howie Goldstein, N2WXTAPR-TNC list started
NET SIG23John Ackermann, AG9VUpdate on NET SIG
Dayton 199524TAPR StaffReport on Dayton 1995 Activities
1995 ARRL Digital Communications Conference24TAPR StaffInformation on 1995 to be held in Dallas, Texas
HamCom -- Long Beach24TAPR StaffTAPR will be attending the ARRL Southwestern Division Convention
Kit Updates24TAPR StaffAN-93, TUC-52, TNC-95
Online Conference Abstracts25TAPR Staffnew web page to search DCC and CNC proceedings abstracts

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
60Oct-95President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDARRL DCC, Membership Questionnaire, RUDAK-U, AMSAT meeting, etc
Digital Rules Clarified by FCC4FCCFCC has clarified what is required to use new digital protocols
Nominations Sought for TAPR Board of Directors5TAPR StaffNominations for 1996 Elections Requested
RUDAK-U Donations5TAPR StaffUpdate on RUDAK fund raiser
1995 ARRL Digital Communications Conference6Johan Forrer, KC7WWReport on the 1995 ARRL Digital Communications Conference
14th Annual ARRL DCC Proceedings Abstracts6TAPR StaffListing of all abstracts found in the 1995 DCC proceedings
Spread Spectrum - It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!10Steve Bible, N7HPRHistorical Background, what is spread spectrum, why spread spectrum, building blocks, where does part 15 fit, further part 97 rules, PANSAT, future and summary
DAS -- It's Not What You Think17Paul Newland, AD7IArticle on the DAS (DTMF Accessory Squelch)
Book Review -- Packet Radio: What? Why? How?18Presley SmithReview of Packet Radio: What? Why? How?
Membership QuestionnaireinsertTAPR StaffMembership Questionnaire
One Reader's Reaction18Jim Neely, WA5LHSComments on an article in Packet Radio book and Jim's reply
Packet Radio in Education20Greg Jones, WD5IVDArticle "Managing Information for the Future"
OTA Wireless Report Available21Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZPOTA Wireless Report Available on-line
New Internet Network Addresses for DRIG23JeffWallachDallas Remote Imaging Group update
*** Connect Request23TAPR StaffPeople looking for help
Spread Spectrum and the Amateur Radio Service24Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZPArticle reviews current status from a regulatory perspective of the use of spread spectrum in both amateur and commercial services
APRS at the Marine Corps Marathon 199526Bob Bruninga, WB4APRReport on the use of APRS in the Marine Corps Marathon
Online Index for Conference Proceedings26TAPR StaffCNC and DCC proceedings abstract on-line and searchable
Silent Key: KD5SL27Adam Tate, AB5POShelton, KD5SL passes
CRC Errata27Joe Travis, N6YPCMisprint in article appearing in PSR #59, p. 59
HF SIG28Johan Forrer, KC7WWHigh Speed HF Modem Development, Initial Test results for the high speed HF modem, DSP development, activities at DCC
DSP-93 Kit Orders29TAPR StaffUpdate on DSP-93 kit
DSP-93 SIG30Ron Parsons, W5RKNReport on SIG activities
Gear for Starting a Satellite Station31Walter Daniel, KE3HPArticle on starting a satellite station
ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference32TAPR StaffProposal for the merging of the ARRL DCC and TAPR Annual Meeting
Kitting Location Change33TAPR StaffKitting moves from Tucson to Florida
Packet Radio Web Page Facelift33TAPR StaffWeb Page Updated
Goldberg, Godles, Wiener & Wright34TAPR StaffTAPR retains Goldberg, Godles, Wiener and Wright to serve as counsel with respect to FCC matters
Office Hours during Holiday Period34TAPR StaffOffice to close during Holidays
Software LIbrarian34TAPR StaffTAPR is looking for a software librarian
Software Library Update34TAPR StaffSoftware Library Update
Software Library Descriptions35TAPR StaffSoftware Library Descriptions

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
61Jan-96President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDTAPR in 1995, Annual Meeting, 1996 ARRL and TAPR DCC
Dayton Hamvention Packet Event!3TAPR StaffInformation on upcoming Dayton TAPR events
TUC-524Paul Newland, AD7IUpdate on TUC-52
DAS -- DTMF Accessory Squelch4Paul Newland, AD7IUpdate on DAS
DAS -- app note 5: Special Remote Control Applications and Operations4Paul Newland, AD7IApps note 5: remote control issues with the DAS kit
FCC Affirms 219-220MHz6ARRLFCC affirms the secondary allocation of 219-220Mhz
1996 ARRL and TAPR DCC6TAPR StaffInformation on upcoming DCC in September hosted in Seattle, WA
Membership Questionnaire7Greg Jones, WD5IVDresults of questionnaire
AX.25 Over Internet12David BarrettAXIP encapsulation daemon
The Trip So Far in HIgh Speed Digital Communications Via Spread Spectrum13John Hansen, WA0PTVArticle on installing SS radio for linking
Packet Radio in Education16Greg Jones, WD5IVD (ed)Ham Radio in the Schools: From the Start
Regional Packet Club List18TAPR StaffRegional List of Packet Radio Clubs
High Frequency Performance of Two Different Pactor Systems20Marvin Bernstein, W2PATTechnical Article discussing different PACTOR systems on HF
MacAPRS 2.2.0 is Finally Out22Keith Sproul, WU2ZMacAPRS is released
MacAPRS Guide File22David Chesser, KA9NHLMac Guide File for MacAPRS released
New NET SIG Moderator/Chairperson23John Ackermann, AG9VSteve Stroh, N8GNJ is the NET SIG Chair
NET SIG23Steve Stroh, N8GNJNET SIG Update
Regional Frequency SIG23Dan Puckett, K5FXBRegional Frequency SIG formed
SS SIG24Barry McLarnon, VE3JFUpdate on SS SIG
HF SIG25Johan Forrer, KC7WWHF Cannel Simulator, Slow Speed BPSK, Parallel Modem Testing, HF Networking Using Standards TNCs, NVIS, Noridc HF Conference, EVM Interface
TAPR/AMSAT DSP-93 Project Update26Ron Parsons, W5RKNDSP-93 software updates and listing
BBS SIG27Barry Buelow, WA0RJTUpdate on BBS SIG, Join us at Dayton, Regarding the NOAM discussion
New WinAPRS Mailing List28Mark Sproul, KB2ICIList formed for discussion of WinAPRS
GPS: How does it work ?28Al Chan, W6DNTList of articles to find out more about how GPS works
Sun Bar28Bruce Lockhart, SM0TERArticle on a device to help align satellite antennas systems
Virtual Meetings on TAPR Server29TAPR StaffTAPR announces virtual meeting page on the web site
Kitting Location Change29TAPR StaffKitting Location Change Update
TAPR Board of Directors Elections30TAPR StaffSteve Bible, N7HPR, Bob Hansen, N2GDE, Gary Hague, N4CHV
Kits Update31TAPR StaffDSP-93, TNC-95, AN-93, DAS, Publications, Back Issues of the PSR

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
62Apr-96President's Column1Greg Jones, WD5IVDParadigms Shifts in Amateur Radio, the future of TAPR, more mundane organization stuff
A Short History of Spread Spectrum5Steve Bible, N7HPRArticle on the History of Spread Spectrum Communications
Proposed Rule Changes for Spread Spectrum8TAPR StaffRM-8738 Summary, Introduction, and Proposed Rules Changes
Comments of Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corp.11TAPR StaffComments to RM-8737 from TAPR
Reply Comments of TAPR12TAPR StaffReply Comments to RM-8737 from TAPR
For More Information on RM-873713TAPR StaffTAPR has made many of the comments and reply comments available for reading
Packet Radio in Education16Greg Jones, WD5IVD (ed)Rapid City Area Schools, South Dakota
APRS Tracks16Stan Horzepa, WA1LOUWhat is APRS ? Keys to APRS. Sources, Sites, and Support
TAPR Dayton Activities 199618TAPR StaffActivities schedule for the 1998 Dayton Hamvention
1996 ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference19TAPR StaffInformation on the 1996 DCC to be held in Seattle, WA in Sept 1996
First Annual Student Paper Awards Guidelines22TAPR StaffInformation and guidelines for submitting a student paper for the DCC
TEKK Radio Mods23John Bednar, WB3ESSVarious Modifications for the TEKK KS-900L and KS-960L
RUDAK-U Update24Lyle Johnson, WA7GXDInformation on the RUDAK-U project
TAPR Offers Group GPS Purchase24TAPR StaffTAPR is making Garmin GPS-20 available at a special membership price
Software Library Update26TAPR StaffSoftware Library Update

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
63Jul-96President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDIs the Internet good or bad ?, Organization Issues, Spread Spectrum - happenings?
TAPR Dayton 19965Greg Jones, WD5IVDReport on Dayton 1996 Activities
DPBOX/TNT: a brief overview6Joachim Schurig, DL8HBSArticle on DPTNT, which allows AX.25 to run under Linux
IC-275/IC-475 Modification for Satellite Packet Operation7Roy Welch, W0SLIC-275/IC-475 Modifications for Satellite Packet Operation
Silent Key: K0ROL7TAPR StaffLt Colonel Oakley "Oak" Stockton passes
DSP-93 on PACTOR and AMTOR8Jim Shepherd, K6OYYInformation on PACTOR and AMTOR operating on the DSP-93
Important FCC NPRMs9TAPR StaffNPRM 96-8 on Spread Spectrum, NII SUpernet,and others
Amateurs Mobillize Against Threat to 2 Meters, 70cm9ARRLLittle LEOs looking at Amateur Bands for Expansion
It Seems to Us, July 1996, QST10ARRKDave Sumner, K1ZZ, discussing Little Leo Threat
Letter from the FCC Regarding LEO issues11FCCLetter from the FCC Regarding LEO issues
More on the 2m/70cm Band Challenge12Brad Wyatt, K6WRWho are the "little LEO" folks
Spectrum Management Principles for the Twenty-First Century14FCCRemarks of Commissioner Susan Ness of the FCC
It Seems to Us, May 1996, QST17ARRLDave Sumner, K1ZZ, discusses Spectrum Shortage
League Responds to Comments in Spread Spectrum Petition18ARRLARRL Press Release on SS Petition
TAPR files for STA on Spread Spectrum18FCCTAPR SS STA filing
ARRL letter to the FCC regarding TAPR's STA20FCCLetter to the FCC from ARRL commenting on TAPRs STA request
TAPR's response to ARRL's letter regarding TAPR's STA20FCCLetter to the FCC from TAPR commenting on ARRL's comments regarding the TAPR STA request
Packet Radio in Education22Greg Jones, WD5IVD (ed)Radio and Satellite Telecommunications Technology: Kindergarten Through Sixth Grade; Math, Science, and Geography
New South Georgia Packet Link24Wayne Harrell, WD4LYVSAPS discuss new LAN links
APRS Tracks: Alias Envy25Stan Horzepa, WA1LOUAlias information, GPS Compatibility, Big things in small packages
Some Really Simple Basic Instructions On Getting APRS On the air now26Arte Booten, N2ZRCArticle on how to get on APRS quickly
APRS-FL list server in operations27Richard Garcia, N2CZFAPRS-FL list started
Your Own APRS Mic-Encoder28Bob Bruninga, WB4APRTechnical article how to hookup a TNC to your car radio like a MIC-E
Garmin GPS-20 Tioming Performance29Tom Clark, W3IWITechnical article on the timing performance of the GARMIN GPS-20
Totally Accurate Clock ver 2 - Plans and Circuit Description31Tom Clark, W3IWITechnical article on the TAC-2 upcoming TAPR Kit. Circuit Description
TAPR offers Motorola EVM56002 Group Purchase36TAPR StaffTAPR working with Motorola to make EVM56002 available to members
TAPR offers its first CD-ROM37TAPR Staff1996 CD-ROM introduced
NET/Mac version 2.3.5837TAPR StaffInformation on the new NET/Mac TCP/IP software
Membership dues to increase on August 1st, 199638TAPR StaffMembership Dues to increase from 15 to 20 for US, 18-20 for Canada and Mexico
TAPR METCON-1 Mirco Replacement38TAPR StaffTAPR has replacement micros for the METCON-1 available
Welcome to new TAPR Software Librarian38TAPR StaffWelcome to Allen Finne, KB5SQK
TAPR Group Purchase: PC-DSP and PC-SIM for Windows39TAPR StaffTAPR group deal on PC-DSP and PC-SIM software packages
TAPR Group Purchase: Garmin GPS-20, round 239TAPR StaffTAPR taking more orders for the Garmin GPS-20
TrakBox Kits Available39TAPR StaffTrakBox Kits available
Kit and Publications Update39TAPR StaffAN-93, TNC-95, DAS, 9600baud modem, DSP-93, TUC-52, GPS-20, future kits, CD-ROM, and future books
Board of Directros Meeting Minutes - Fall 199541Gary Hauge, N4CHVBoard minutes from Sept 8th, 1995 Arlington, Texas

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
64Oct-96President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDUpdate on SS issues, DCC, Hamvention, and other organization issues
TAPR Position Statement on Spread Spectrum Technology Development3TAPRTAPR Position Statement on Spread Spectrum Technology Development
TAPR Spread Spectrum STA Granted4TAPR StaffFCC Granted TAPR SS STA
The Garmin GPS-20 as a Long-Term Clock5Tom Clark, W3IWITechnical Article on using GPS as accurate clocks
Linking BPQ Switches via Ethernet6Bill Barnes, N3JIXArticle discussing the use of Ethernet to connect local BPQ computers instead of RS-232
TNOS Release 2.10 is now available7Brian LantzInformation on the new TNOS release
FCC Annual Report Goes On-Line7FCCFCC annual report available on-line
Advanced Networking in Slovenia8Iztok, S52DArticle on the use of 200kHz 38.4Kbps data radios on 23cm radios used in building their network
TAPR at ARRL SW Division Convention9Keith Justice, KF7TPReport on the SW Division Convention TAPR Activity
Silent Key: Joe Buswell, K5JB9Mac, K2GKKJoe Buswell, K5JB passes
Results of Packet Radio BBS Survey10Marty Albert, KC6UFM12 question survey discussing BBS operations
ARRL and TAPR 1996 Digital Communication Conference13Greg Jones, WD5IVDReport on the 1996 ARRL and TAPR DCC held in SeaTac, WA
Banquet Speech by Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD19Steve Stroh, N8GNJ (trans)Banquet Speech by Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD at the 1996 DCC
One Person's view of DCC 199624Steve Stroh, N8GNJSteve's comments and thoughts on the 1996 DCC
HF SIG and the DCC28Johan Forrer, KC7WWUpdate on HF SIG activity and the meeting held at the DCC
New Viterbi Decoder Release29Phil Karn, KA9QPhil releases a new viterbi decoder that runs on a 133MHz Pentium
Florida Packet Group29Richard Garcia, N2CZFFlorida Packet Group formed
APRS Tracks: RELAY, WIDE, and Other Paths30Stan Horzepa, WA1LOUGeneral thoughts and information on APRS
Keeping Electronics Cool in the Sun31Bob Bruninga, WB4APRArticles discusses the use of metals in outside environments
Totally Accurate Clock (TAC)31Tom Clark, W3IWIUpdate on TAC development
Some news from the WLAN front32Barry McLarnon, VE3JFReport on the IEEE MTT Mircowave Symposium in San Francisco
Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Announces Revisions to Web Page32FCCWTB has expanded presence on the web
Grid Square Code33Tom Clark, W3IWIQBASIC code to do Grid Square Calculations
TAPR Group Purchase: PC-DSP and PC-SIM for WIndows33TAPR StaffUpdate on group purchase
Standardized Test Methods for Data Radios34Burt Land, VE2BMQWeb page started to promote Test Methods for Data Radio testing
Nominations Sought for TAPR Board of Directors35TAPR StaffNominations for 1997 Elections Requested
Kit/Publications Update35TAPR StaffTUC-52, TAC, DAS, TNC-95, Books
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes36Gary Hauge, N4CHVBoard Minutes from Dayton, Ohio, May 16, 1996
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes36Gary Hauge, N4CHVBoard Minutes from Seattle, WA, September 20th, 1996
Office Hours during Holiday Period38TAPR StaffOffice Hours during Holiday Period
Update on TAPR SS STA Participation39TAPR StaffUpdate on TAPR SS STA Participation
TAPR to offfer 902-928MHz SS Radio Group Buys in the Spring39TAPR StaffTAPR to offer 902-928MHz SS Radio Group Buys in the Spring

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
65Jan-97President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDReview of 1996 and update on current happenings, failure of FreeWave deal, other
Call for Papersa: AMSAT-NA Annual Meeting and Space Symposium3TAPR StaffCall for Papers: AMSAT-NA Annual Meeting and Space Symposium
Message from the Editor3Bob Hansen, N2GDEDeadlines for future PSRs
TAPR Board of Directors Elections4TAPR StaffGreg Jones, WD5IVD, John Koster, W9DDD, Mel Whitten, K0PFX, Steve Stroh, N8GNJ
Voting for the TAPR BoD Candidates5TAPR StaffVoting will be available by web access and mail in ballot
F6FBB Web Pages: FBB BBS Development5Richard Saue, LA4SGAF6FBB has new Webpage for software distribution
New Modem for DSP-935Moe Wheatley, AE4JYModem program for educational purposes that implements Bell 202, HDLC, and KISS
TAC-2 Questions and Answers6Tom Clark, W3IWIQ&A on the TAC-2
Multi-Casting7Several articles dealing with Multicasting. Includes PACSAT, DPNTN and others
APRS: An Overview and Introduction11Arte Booten, N2ZRCArticle covering how APRS works
APRS Tracks12Stan Horzepa, WA1LOUCurrent APRS software, new book, and more
DGPS Tests in Baltimore/Washington Area12Tom Clark, W3IWIArticle on the usage and development of DGPS on APRS frequencies
METCON-2 Status Report14Paul Newland, AD7IMETCON-2 update on kit
Messages IDs: BID, MID, and LID14Arthur MartinQ&A about MID, BID, and LID from Hank Oredson, W0RLI
New WIN95 and NT Packet Programs15Saki, SV2RQNew Packet Radio Program
North American Digital Systems Directory16Carl Estey, WA0CQGNADSD Announced
Packet Radio in Education17Greg Jones, WD5IVD (ed)Integration of Packet Radio into K-12 Gifted and Talented Programs
PACTOR Mode Demodulator Test Results18Marvin Bernstein, W2PATTechnical Article on the investigation of the data speed of the Pactor mode
Wireless Digital Communications: Design and Theory21TAPR StaffIntroduction of TAPR's new book by Tom McDermott, N5EG Wireless Digital Communications: Design and Theory
Amateur Radio Prior Art Invalidates Internet Applet Patents22Greg AharonianAmateur Radio provides proof that technology was already available before Applet was patented
Application of the DTMF Accessory Squelch22Eric Estill, N8GPEArticle on Eric's use of the DAS kit
TAPR has a Club CallsignL KT7APR23TAPR StaffTAPR gets a club callsign
Update on Freewave Technologies 900Mhz FHSS Radio intended Group Purchase23TAPR StaffFreewave deal off
STA On-line Application23TAPR StaffSTA application on-line
1997 Dayton HamVention Packet Event24TAPR StaffInformation on the 1997 Dayton TAPR Banquet and Packet Bash
Attention PacComm TNC for DSP-93 users24TAPR Staffnew EPROM images for the PacComm TNC for use with the DSP-93
1997 ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference24TAPR Staff1997 DCC to be held in Baltimore MD
GPS-20 Group Purchase24TAPR StaffGARMIN GPS-20 purchase continues
TAPR Kits Update24TAPR StaffN2IRZ GPS-20 Power Interface, TUC-52 and METCON-2, DSP-93, AN-93, TAC-2, TNC-95, APRS MIC-E, Publications, CD-ROM
Software Library Update26Greg Eubank, KL7EVSoftware Library Update
Regional Digital Organizations28TAPR StaffListing of Digital Groups in the US and Canada
TAPR Software Library26Greg Eubank, KL7EVSoftware Library Listing

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
66Apr-97President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDThe Past, The Future, and the time to jump forward; other organization stuff
Rockets for Schools - Super Loki High Altitude Rocket Lanuch4Greg HeinenArticle on school doing balloons
TAPR Dayton Activities 19975TAPR StaffSchedule of activities at Dayton Hamvention for TAPR
Selective Availability: What is it ?6Tom Clark, W3IWITechnical Article discussing GPS Selective Availability
Area Code Change7TAPR StaffArea code of office phone number is changing to 940
FCC Demos Electronic Filing System7FCCFCC press release on new electronic filing
1997 ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference8TAPR StaffAnnouncement for DCC in October 10-12, 1997 in Baltimore, MD
*** Connect Request10TAPR StaffPeople looking for help
N7HPR is Guest on Ham Radio and More10TAPR StaffSteve Bible to talk about Spread Spectrum on Ham Radio and More
Proposed Amateur Spread Spectrum Rules Changes11FCCWT Docket No. 97-12 Notice of Proposed Rule Making
APRS Tracks14Stan Horzepa, WA1LOUjavAPRS, APRS Elmers, Current APRS Software, My Book
APRS: Using It, or: Now that I've got it set up, how do I make it work for me ?15Arte Booten, N2ZRCArticle on using and making APRS operational
Packet Radio in Education16Greg Jones, WD5IVD (ed)Amateur Radio in the Classroom
Kits/Publications Update18TAPR StaffAPRS MIC-E, GPS-20 Power Interface, TAC-2 project update, TUC-52 and METCON-2, AN-93, TAPR publications, 1997 CD-ROM
NADSD Update20Carl Estey, WA0CQGInformation update on usage of the NADSD
TAPR Financial Statement Summary20Jim Neely, WA5LHSTreasurers Report for 1996
TAPR to offer Motorola ONCORE VP21TAPR StaffMotorola ONCORE VP information and group purchase information
The Markey/Antheil Spread Spectrum Paten22C. BeaumontArticle on the Hedy Lamar Spread Spectrum Patent on Spread Spectrum

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
67Jul-97President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDSmart Radio Technology and Spread Spectrum; Other Organizational Issues
NADSD Update6Carl Estey, WA0CQGNADSD Web Page Facelift and new Map Displays
WWV/H Demodulator/Decoder for DSP-936Dave Mills, W3HCFWWV/H software for the DSP-93
Timewave Acquires AEA7TAPR StaffAEA data products now handled by Timewave
Phase 3D delayed7Bdale Garbee, N3EAUPhase 3D delayed and the RUDAK page updated
Using the Tripmate with a KPC-38Jack AndersonArticle covering the usage of the Tripmate with a KPC-3 for APRS
National APRS Calendar9Henry, N9WMMA National APRS Calendar started
APRS Tracking the MS Walk and MD WalkAmerica10Alan CrosswellArticle on the use of APRS at two local events
APRS Tracks12Stan Horzepa, WA1LOUDCC, SIG Update, MIC-E Update
KISS, Revisited13Dietmar Grossmann, DJ4RXA proposal for the definition of a secure asynchronous protocol
Packet Radio in Education16Greg Jones, WD5IVD (ed)Integration of Amateur Radio and Packet Radio into a Long-Term Rehabilitation Facility
HF Modem Testing17Johan Forrer, KC7WWBPSK, Parallel-tone 3000+ bps BPS newqpsk modem
About DGPS - a tutorial18Tom Clark, W2IWITechnical Article regarding the use DGPS (Differential GPS)
APRS Internet Domain19Steve Dimse, created
Dayton 199720Greg Jones, WD5IVDReport on Dayton 1997 with lots of photos!
TAPR Spread Spectrum STA Renewed21TAPR StaffFCC renews TAPR SS STA
TPR's Comments and Reply Comments to FCC DOcket 97-1222TAPR StaffTAPR's Comments and Reply Comments to FCC Docket 97-12
Don't forget the 1997 ARRL and TAPR DCC25TAPR StaffInformation on the 1997 DCC to be held in Baltimore, MD
GPS-30PC Offer26TAPR StaffSpecial One Time offer on the GPS30PC for $99
TAPR TAC-2 (Totally Accurate Clock)28TAPR StaffTAPR announces the TAC-2 available
New APRS SIG Chairperson30TAPR StaffStan Horzepa, WA1LOU takes the helm of the APRS SIG
Kits/Publications Update30TAPR StaffOncore VP interface, APRS MIC-E, TUC-52/METCON-2, AN-93, TNC-95, TAC-2, TCP/IP Book, etc
You too can wear a TAPR shirt!32TAPR StaffTAPR collared Shirt
Suymmary of Electronic TAPR Board Meeting33Gary Hauge, N4CHVSummary of Electronic TAPR Board Meeting

IssueDateArticle NamePageAuthorSummary
68Oct-97President's Corner1Greg Jones, WD5IVDTAPR 900Mhz FHSS Radio Project, DCC, SS STA, Should APRS form a National Group ?
Ham Radio and More off the Air3Len Winkler, KB7LPWHam Radio and More closes out after six years
*** Connect Request3TAPR Staff219-220 Data Project
TAPR's SS Radio: An Amateur 900MHz Spread Spectrum Radio Design4Tom McDermott, N5EG, Bob Stricklin, N5BRG, and Bill Reed, WD0ETZTechnical Article on the new TAPR 900MHz FHSS Radio Project
1997 ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference8Greg Jones, WD5IVDPhotos and story about the 16th DCC held in Baltimore, MD
Conference Abstracts and Proceedings12TAPR StaffProceedings are available from TAPR. Abstract of all articles
APRS Tracks: An Introduction to APRS15Stan Horzepa, WA1LOUIntro to APRS, latest APRS software
Packet Radio in Education16Greg Jones, WD5IVD (ed)Proposal for Implementation of Radio Technology in Classrooms for the Hearing Impaired
Microship Status 9/28/97 (Issue #121)18Steve Roberts, N4RVEUpdate on the Microship, which TAPR is one of many sponsors
Amateur Radio on Manner Space Vehicles: Improving Amateur Radio's Future Through Enhanced Space Frequencies21Frank Bauer, KA3HDOArticle on use of frequencies for manner space activities, can APRS move to 144.39 ?
Announcing PerlAPRS25Richard Parry, W9IFPeralAPRS is now available
Reactions to the Proposal to move APRS Activity to 144.39MHz26Steve DImse, K4HGObjections ?, So what is next ?, Best case scenario ? Worst case scenario ?
APRSnet28Bob Bruninga, WB4APRArticle on APRSServ and APRSnet being on-lone
Comments of TAPR on RM-915029TAPR StaffRM-9150 addressing Serious Rules Violations in the Amateur Radio Service
Amateur Rasio on ISS (International Space Station)30AMSATAnnouncement of ISS formally being listed as a payload on the ISS
Riverside Convention30TAPR StaffPhotos and Story on TAPR attending the 1997 ARRL SW Division Convention
1997 AMSAT-NA COnference31Greg Jones, WD5IVDReport on the AMSAT-NA 1997 meeting
The WXN Weather Server32John Bennett, N4XIRelease 6.01 of WXN and information about the new release
ARRL Audio News Debuts October 17, 199733ARRLARRL Audio news sponsored by TAPR
12th annual SW Ohio Digital Symposium Announcenment33Hank Greeb, N8XXJanuary 17th , 1998
The Top 20 Respoonses to Software/Hardware Problems33NoneGood Laugh
Nominations Sought for TAPR Board of Directors35TAPR StaffNominations for 1998 Elections Requested
Kit/Publications Update34TAPR StaffAN-93, TUC-52/Metcon-2, DAS, TAC-2, GPS-20 Power Interface, MIC-E, GPS30PC, 9600 baud land mobile mods book, Spread Spectrum Book, TCP/IP Book, TAPR Mug
NADSD Update35Carl Estey, WA0CQGNADSD will be going to CD after January 15th