Sample for High-Pass Filter Output

Below is a sample text output page for high-pass filters. At the top of the presentation is a list showing the input specifications.

Listed first is the corner frequency. Next would be the stop frequency and required attenuation for the filter unless a manual entry for the order was done as in this case. The input and output termination resistances, the filter order and the geometric configuration finish the list.

Double check that all specifications are correct. The software used the data displayed in the first half of the output.

Below that is a sample output chart showing inductances in Henries and capacitances in Farads. Since high-pass filters may be either a Tee - Series or Pi - Shunt configuration, be alert to whether the element value is assigned to an inductor or a capacitor and where it is positioned in the circuit.

In the case of a high-pass Tee - Series filter, the element at X1 and is a capacitor and 7.15236E-09 would be a 7.152 nanofarad capacitor. See Help - Geometry in the main menu for sample diagrams.

Read the 'Geometry' section in the helps to see the exact location of each component.

Finally, when entering a stop frequency and an attenuation, then lettting the computer calculate the order, the the attenuation will be equal to or greater than the attenuation requested at the stop frequency specified. That's because the order calculation imposes a stepwise function on a continuous curve.

High-Pass Filter Specifications
Corner Frequency1000000 Hz
In/Out Resistance50 Ohms
Filter Order7
Filter GeometryTee - Series
Filter Elements
Element NumberElement Value
X17.15236E-09 Farads
X26.38162E-06 Henries
X31.76649E-09 Farads
X43.97887E-06 Henries
X41.76649E-09 Farads
X66.38162E-06 Henries
X77.15236E-09 Farads

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