Here is N1MJD /R January 1999 at N1JEZ's QTH before leaving for FM16 in Virginia. Complete with mascott!


Here are a couple more of the famous N1MJD /R setup at High Point in New Jersey. These are from the 1998 September VHF QSO Party.

N1MJD /R-2

N1MJD /R-3

We removed various additional antennas we carry for clarity. Removed are the
FM "verticals" for 6, 2, 222 and 432. Also, we carry long beams for 2, 222,
432, 903 and 1296 on the roof rack, plus a Yaesu G800SDX rotor with 10' mast
for use on our portable 20' crank-up mast. (shown in the pictures you already
have) Those have also been removed.

The close-up (roof.jpg) is of the rooftop. It shows our 3 masts.

1.)  Rear mast has a new KB6KQ 6m loop on top and a stacked pair of
"original" KB6KQ 222 loops below.
2.)  Middle mast (fully rotatable) has a Directive Systems 2304 looper on
top, a KLM 1296 yagi in the middle and a Directive Systems 903 looper on the
bottom. Below that is a small grey box which is the 1296 mast mount preamp
3.)  Front mast has a stacked pair of "original" KB6KQ 2m loops and in
between are a stacked pair of "original" KB6KQ 432 loops.

The other shot (vehicle.jpg) shows a wide shot of the entire vehicle. This is
also devoid of the verticals and long beams/rotor for clarity.

N1MJD /R roof

N1MJD /R vehicle