Here's a snippet:
Many years of VHF operating taught me that VHF-SS in New England just
wasn't worth the effort, as it was more disappointment than reality,
especially for a small station. But year after year, half hearted
attempts were made at various portable locations, adding to the
frustration. It appeared that roving would answer my need to be active,
while maintaing a proper perspective on what a small station could do in
the contest. I put four bands worth of gear in the station wagon,
attached antennas to a 5' mast, borrowed a 500W generator and took off
for two road stops in FN41 and FN42. In trying to set up the antenna
masts, I miscalculated the weight of things, and had to wait until a
friendly motorist pulled up to ask what I was doing, so I could have him
help me raise the antennas. I operated there until nature called, the
generator tank ran dry, and I was freezing, then when I tried to take
down the antennas, I experienced the same reverse leverage problem with
the weight of the antennas, and had to explain to my wife why there was
series of small dents in the roof of the car when I returned.
73, Rick, K1DS