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There isn't much on here right now. We are in the process of getting pictures
of equipment and other intresting items for the page. If anyone has any
comments or ideas for this page or anything that woud be of intrest to the
community please drop us a note or just let us know what you think of
our page. Thanks....

We are in the process of applying for a Build Indiana Grant for a new
Fire Station. The preliminary grant application has been submitted.
Want to thank the Hope Chamber of Commerce for the support through the
process. We provide mutual aid to Hope Fire and German Township. I will
update this as the grant progresses.. and post a picture inthe near future

Here are community activities that we support and sponser

Clifford Fire Department Baseball team
Kids Basketball

Here are some activities that have took place or are in the near future:

1/9/98 House Fire
Image 1
10/08/97 Controled Practice Burn
Image 1|Image 2|Image 3|Image 4|Image 5
04/16/97 House Fire
Image 1|Image 2|Image 3|Image 4|Image 5|Image 6|Image 7|Image 8

In 1997Clifford Volunteer Fire Department Responded to:

Structure Fires 5
Non-Structure Fires 9
Vehicle Accidents 21
Mutual Aid 14
Hazmat 1
False Alarms 3
Other 4

Members of the department:

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Active Paid Members 0
Active Un-paid Menbers 22

Links to other pages relating to Fire Deparments and related subjects will started this month..

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