N9PNA's Scanner Frequencies and Notes

for the Memphis area

Dan Fleek, N9PNA

The following frequencies are from my personal scanning and not just a compilation of lists. If it is listed here, then I have heard traffic on it recently.Enjoy.

LAST UPDATE:  Feb. 23, 2005

Memphis Police and Fire

800 Mhz Digital Trunk System. Currently using VSELP digital encoding. Switching to P25 Digital in 2005.

855.2375 Memphis Fire Department station vocals. Analog Transmission

Memphis MEDCOM

155.205  Medcom 205
155.340  Medcom 340
155.280  Hospital Wing (Helicopter)

Medcom also uses the UHF Medical Frequencies...

Memphis - Shelby County EMA

EMA is primarily using the Memphis 800 trunk system. Paging is still done on VHF.

155.895 EMA Paging, with occasional 2-way traffic.


856.7375, 857.7375, 858.7375, 859.7375, 860.7375 City of Bartlett trunked system.

System Type: IIi (Hybrid)

Talk Groups

912 - PD primary
 48  - PD "B"
 80  - PD "C"  (used when checking warrants/licenses)
304 - FD Primary
336- FD "B"  Fireground
368 - FD "C" Medical, Training, Special Events
656 - Public Works Primary
720 - Public Works "B"

154.340 Bartlett Fire Department (Patched into FD primary 800Mhz talk group)

Shelby County


153.950 Shelby County Fire Dispatch (repeater output)
154.070 Shelby County Fire Fireground (simplex)
154.235 Shelby County Fire EMS paging/Administration/Misc (repeater output)


154.310 Germantown Fire Dispatch (repeater output)
460.100 Germantown Police Dispatch (repeater output)


154.415 Collierville Fire Dispatch (repeat of UHF LTR system)
Coming soon - Collierville LTR system info

Tennessee Highway Patrol

42.56  Highway patrol F1
155.430  Highway Patrol "High Band" (used by helicopters and troopers out of car).
155.905 Mobile Extenders (confirmed 4/01/2005)

Tennessee Dept of Transportation

47.28  DOT HELP Trucks (Roving Roadside Assistance)
159.180  DOT Road Maintenance. HELP Trucks use in evenings/weekends.


 464.825 Wolfchase Galleria Mall.  Low power and limited range.


464.600  Rural Metro (Integrated Communications Repeater)


154.570 Sams Club in Bartlett and Memphis Winchester Rd. Location
154.600 Walmart in Bartlett and Memphis Winchester Rd. Location

Ham Radio Repeaters

146.820 (107.2 pl) Delta Club. Severe Weather Repeater
146.880 (107.2 pl) WA4KOG - IRLP Node, ARES Main Repeater
146.850 (107.2 pl) Collierville
146.940 (107.2 pl) Oakland - Fayett County ARES/RACES
146.910 (???.? pl) Hernando MS - Desoto County ARES/RACES
145.410 (107.2 pl) K5FE FedEx ARC
444.100 (107.2 pl) Has remote receivers throughout Shelby County
443.100 (107.2 pl) Same owner as 444.100

Fayette County

154.220 County FD Repeater
460.625 Piperton FD Repeater

Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority

856.2625, 857.2625, 858.2625, 859.2625, 860.2625 Trunked System
Appears to be a Motorola system. Used by Airport Police

FedEx Forum

Security and Ushers


462.725 Memphis Youth Villages (GMRS Channel 8, or ch 22 on Motorla FRS/GMRS Radios)
451.350 Railcom Repeater (Heard shuttle bus traffic at the airport
452.600 Memphis Zoo
451.900 Memphis Zoo