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Welcome to
"The I/O PORT"
Web Site of N9IO
and the rest of the "I/O" family

Bonfield, Illinois
Kankakee County - USA

Clay N9IO operating the Nov Sweepstakes 2000
Photo above: Clay N9IO
November Sweepstakes 2000
First licensed 1973
Crystal W9IOU operating the Nov Sweepstakes 1999
Crystal W9IOU in the HS Marching Band
Photo above: Crystal W9IOU
November Sweepstakes 1999
We made the 99 sweepstakes "soapbox", July 2000 QST.
First licensed 1998 at age 12
General Class
Crystal will be a guest speaker at Dayton HamVention 2001
in the "Youth in Amateur Radio Forum"


Photo left: Crystal W9IOU (Marching Band)
Crystal is a devoted member of her HS Marching Band.
They took 1st in State competition down at ISU.

Photo right: Chip K9IOC and xyl Mickey
Photo taken at a KARS Fox Hunt
Chip is Chairman of the 2000 and 2001 KARS Hamfest
First licensed 1985
General Class
Chip K9IOC and xyl Mickey
N9IO and K9IOC in 1984 Photo left: Chip K9IOC in 1984
Chip (shown here at the mike working a little
third party) was first licensed at age 10.

Back in those days I ran a Kenwood TS-520
and Gonset GSB-101 amplifier with 4 - 811A's.

Photo right: Chip K9IOC
(Toys For Tots Motorcycle Parade 2000)
Photo taken in Chicago at the annual "Toys For Tots" motorcycle run.
December 3rd, 2000
Chip is a very civic minded individual.
Actually, any excuse will do if it gets him out on the open road.
Chip K9IOC in Chicago, at the Toys For Tots motorcycle parade
N9IO and xyl N9IOQ at a KARS Fox Hunt
Photo above: Clay N9IO and xyl Cindy N9IOQ
Photo taken at a KARS Fox Hunt
Cindy took her element 3 test at the very first VE exam
at Dayton HamVention 1984 and was among the 33
to pass of the 300+ taking the brand new exam that weekend.
First licensed 1983
General Class

I was very impressed with the fine job the DARA
(Dayton Amateur Radio Association) was doing
at that first exam session to say the least.
I vowed to get involved myself as soon as FCC
opened the door to volunteer examining.
I have been an accredited VE since the start in late
1984 and have given hundreds of exams since then.

Current equipment:
Yaesu FT-920
with INRAD filters.
BTW: INRAD are the only
filters to ever put in your rig!

Drake L4B (2) 3-500Z

Yaesu FT-100d

TA-33 at 40 feet (Popgun)
Double Bazooka 40 meter
Double Bazooka 80 meter

Heil Microphone Elements
MFJ-434 Voice Keyer
tnc running ClusterMaster

Our Ham Radio Interests:
Fox Hunting, Field Day,
November Sweepstakes,
Dayton HamVention
and club activities like the
KARS Hamfest in Peotone, IL.
See you at "KARSFEST 2002"
Sunday July 7th 2002

I am also web master for the
Kankakee Area Radio Society
Please visit the KARS web site at

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"The I/O Port"

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Kankakee County
is a great place to live!
The Rock Run River
About 5 miles from our home
is the Rock Run River.
This photo was taken from the foot
bridge at Route 102 about 1/2 mile
before the Rock Run ends at the
Kankakee River in the beautiful
Kankakee River State Park.

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