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I was born Dec 7th, 1975 in Ionia, Michigan. I graduated from Saranac High School in 1996. I've lived in Saranac, Lake Odessa, Greenville and Lowell. Currently living with my parents in Saranac in the same house I grew up in. Helping my parents when I can. One of my main hobby's is Ham Radio. I am very active in Ionia County RACES and Ionia County CERT.

Ham Radio Bio

I became licensed back in 1996 after playing around with 11 meters for about 4 years, My elmer was a ham that I talked to on 38 LSB just about every night, I never did meet him. For the base/portable I have a Yaesu FT-897D with the Heil HM-10 Dual mic, LDG AT-200Pro Autotuner . For antenna's I have a homemade 80 meter Off-center Fed dipole @ 30', a G5RV @ 30', Antron 99 @ 22' an a homemade Super J-Pole @ 25'.  For portable operations(camping) I have a homemade 40m Vertical and a Hamstick Dipole Mount(homebrew). For 2m/440 I have an Alinco DR-605 with a homemade J-pole @ 20', an Icom IC-T7H for portable operations. I like to chat on 40 around 7.235, and love 10 when the band is open, I'm usually on 28.385 + or - QRM calling CQ. I also started playing around with PSK31, I can usually be found on 14.070, 7.038 and 3580 + or - couple kc's. I have an Echolink Node(N8MRC-L) if it's up connect and see who's around. I also like trying out Contests, Esp the Michigan QSO party and my fav, Field Day. I am a member of Navy-Marine Corps MARS(NNN0AAP). I am a member of SATERN and I am a trained CERT volunteer. I am the NTS Coordinator for Ionia County RACES/ARES and an ARRL Accredited VE. I am a Net Control Op for Kent County Search & Rescue and for the Michigan VHF Traffic Net on Friday evenings. I am the President of the Riverside Radio Amateurs Club here in Saranac. If you hear me on the air calling CQ give me a shout, I do QSL 100%. I can usually be found on 146.420 simplex or the RRA Repeater, 444.725+ 94.8 pl, also home to the RRA Open Net Wednesday's at 7pm...


73's de n8mrc 











                                                         N8MRC 2010