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I am 65 years old and been a licensed operator for 27 years. I operate CW only. This site is dedicated to CW only, along with information about my station. To some of us this mode of communication holds a strange but interesting spot in our enjoyment of our hobby. Being a amateur operator since 1987, I have met many great people, in all corners of our world via CW. My main interest in my hobby is DXing. I hope you enjoy my little site and most of all I hope we can have a nice QSO on the bands real soon.

I am still working on othere pages, those can be reached by clicking on the small straight keys located at bottom of the pages. Scroll down and sign my guest book before you QSY to another site.

Thanks for stopping by.

73 es CU in the pile-ups,

Ron - N7RD

"N7RD Past Information"

Since obtaining this call sign in November of 1996 I have been in search for the previous holder of the call. With the help of Angus R. Wentworth of Sussex, UK I have the following on the only other holder of the call N7RD. My thanks go out to Mr. Wentworth for the following information.

Dear Mr. Smith :

Perhaps I can shed some light on the history of your radio call sign.

Although not a radio amateur, many friends of mine are members of that fine group of individuals. While surfing various websites, I was taken to your request for information concerning previous holders of your call sign.

A colleague and mentor of mine, Oliver J. Christie, used the call sign 7RD when he was conducting research into molecular conduction at high altitudes during freezing conditions in the Sierra Nevada mountain range during the early nineteen thirties. Oliver had numerous Doctorates in Physical and Theoretical Sciences, having achieved his first Doctorate in Physics at the age of 14, from University of Heidelberg. This made possible by a gift from the famous business tycoon, Andrew Carnegie. At age fifteen he caught the eye of Thomas Edison, and went to work at Edison Labs as a project leader. However, with his giant intellect, he began feeling too constrained, and after only a few months, he left to continue his acquisition of more Doctorates. When Albert Einstein emigrated to the U.S. to escape the Nazi onslaught, he was introduced to Oliver, and the two of them developed an instant bond that lasted until the end of their lives. Oliver became the great Einsteinís personal assistant, and he also taught classes at Princeton University. Christie finally retired in 1985 at age73, and moved to Flagstaff, AZ., where he decided to take up Amateur Radio once again. He spent two weeks practicing the code, and then sat for the Extra, which he passed with flying colors. He felt lucky to have his new call, N7RD. Oliver became a Silent Key in 1993. I hope this has been of some help.


Angus R. Wentworth

Sussex, UK

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