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Calling Frequencies - Shows all the CW and PHONE calling frequencies along with all the other folks who have frequencies they like as well.  Pls note that the 40m QRP CW frequency in Europe is 7.030 Mhz.

Here is a listing of nets you will want to get acquainted with, for traffic, rag-chewing, and getting to know fellow QRPers! Thanks to Danny, K3TKS, for this schedule.

                    QRP ARCI NET SCHEDULE         


NET               QRG         NCS              DAY/HR          UTC      


NEN            7040-41     NCS-K2QJ           SATURDAY      1300 UTC

                (Always 8 A.M. on Saturday morning EST/EDT)            

WSN            7040        NCS-W6JHQ Mgr      SATURDAY      1700 UTC

                           ANCS-K5QXX, W6SIY, WE6W, NJ7M.
SEN, GLN, GSN, TCN, These Nets have been suspended until further notice.

OTHER QRP NETS ======= CHECK-IN for the latest QRP News. ==============      

BC QRP Club (SSB)  3729        VE7QK   Daily                   1700 PST    

BC QRP Club (SSB)  3760        VE7QK   Every Evening    0330 & 0530 UTC

NW-QRP            10123        N7MFB   [Mon.]  +TUESDAY        0200 UTC     

NW-QRP Ragchew     7035        N7MFB   [Sat.]                  0730 WST    

KNIGHTLITES KLN    3686        WQ4RP   [Sun.] E.USA and beyond 2130 EST

NOGAQRP (North GA) 3686        AE4GX   [Tue.] Southern US      2130 EST

Please remember to tell your friends about the QRP Nets,    

They might decide to join us after seeing how friendly we can be.     

Yes, the keyboard can also QRS ! (Slow Down). 72 ES QRP DX TU DANNY, K3TKS    


Several net listings have recently been deleted because their operation 

has not been confirmed. Please let us know of any additions or corrections!

NOTICE !!!  We have openings for NCS/ANCS on all ARCI Nets.    


WARNING!  QRP NETS have been proven to be addictive. 


Permission is Granted to Freely Copy and Distribute this Schedule.    


Maryland Milliwatt Club QRP Reference Library (301)572-6789

[email protected] (Internet)

Check out the IOWA QRP CLUB big list of nets.

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73 (means best regards in ham lingo!), Dave Johnson, WA4NID