According to the LA Sheriffs inmate information web site Jack Gerritsen was released at 1423Hrs on 9/06/2005. 
Please understand that this was expected, but Jack thought he was going to be out within the week he was taken into custody.  He was not. 
I know he has written some letters, if you would please send me copies of those letters, I will forward them to the District Attorney to see if there is anything in them that would violate his probation.  DO NOT write back to him.  Do not play into his game, it isn't worth it.  His Final judgment will come in time.
Please do not be concerned, as Jack is trying to terrorize you by his letters, he is trying to put a scare in you that he knows you by sending a letter.
This is all part of his act.  Let me know if you have any questions.
Please send me a copy of your letter to this e-mail or if you are unable to do that, send the letter to
Deputy Burton Brink-N6USO
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept
8838 E. Las Tunas Dr.
Temple City, Ca  91780
Be Safe,
Deputy Burton Brink-N6USO
Owner/Trustee of the 145.440- 136.5pl Repeater Sunset Ridge, Southern California