Jack Gerritsen Sentenced to 120 days Jail, 3 Years Probation

Hello my friends and fellow hams,

Just wanted to give you a quick run down on the State's Case Against Jack Gerritsen.  Jack was sentenced today, 7-13-05 at El Monte Superior Court, Div 4, Judge Craig J. Mitchell, presiding, Case # 5RH02481.

3 persons spoke before the Judge at his sentencing, the Victim, Ron (W6RJS), Burt, (N6USO) and Dan (W6DFW).  Approx 40-50 "Ham's" showed up for his sentencing with standing room only in the court, with additional hams that showed up after sentencing.

The Judge received well over 80 E-mails as well as at least a dozen letters sent via U.S. MAIL. The District Attorney Rusty Moore received at least an additional 25+ e-mails prior to this mornings sentencing.

Gerritsen said that his 1st amendment rights were violated and that he was falsely accused. He said that lies were said on the witness stand against him. He further stated that he will continue to defend his right to speak on political issues, prior to the Judge giving his sentence.

Judge Mitchell said, that this case is NOT about 1st amendment rights, but that the he was convinced that the profanity and abuse by Mr. Gerritsen is nothing more than that of a "SCHOOL YARD BULLY". The Judge went on to say that Mr. Gerritsen, in trial, spoke of his (Gerritsen's) most powerful radios to "BROADCAST OVER PEOPLE".

This case has a MAXIMUM sentence of 180 days, but for the court to have "JURISDICTION" over this case and to give a restraining order to hold Gerritsen to, The Judge Sentenced him to 120 days in the County Jail and 3 years probation. The Judge issued a restraining order to prevent Mr. Gerritsen from having any contact with those who testified against him in this case and to not operate a HAM radio without a VALID FCC license.

So that you understand what this all means, if he talks on the radio while under this restraining order, or contacts those on the restraining order, he not only has to serve the additional 60 days left of his 180 days max, but will have another case with a 1 year sentence to add to it.

Gerritsen said he didn't want probation, and wanted to be given his full term in jail to avoid a restraining order and probation. Needless to say, the Judge ruled against him on that, and issued the above.

Deputy DA Rusty Moore, had to continue with his other cases after this sentencing, and was not able to speak to us afterward.  He asked me to thank you all for the support and e-mails sent to him, for this case. He truly believes that because of you all, he got what we needed for this conclusion to this case.

I would like to thank YOU ALL, for your support on this case and for your continued commitment to Amateur Radio and public safety.

I would also like to publicly thank Deputy District Attorney Rusty Moore (El Monte Court), who, without his research and dedication to this case, (that I have never seen before, from a DA), made this all possible, and I hope you all will thank him as well. Please write a letter to the 2 below listed persons (His Bosses), to thank him for his contribution and dedication to this case. Believe me, this will go a long way for him. Rusty has one of those thankless jobs, as do I, and I know he would appreciate it.

DDA Rusty Moore's supervisor is:

    Barbara Bolante-Martinez, Deputy District Attorney in Charge

    El Monte Superior Court

    11234 E. Valley Blvd.

    El Monte, CA 91731

If you wish I would also recommend that you send a copy of that letter or an addition letter to:

    Steve Cooley, DISTRICT ATTORNEY, Los Angeles County

    210 W. Temple St. Suite 18000

    Los Angeles, CA 90012

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail them to me at n6uso@officer.com.

Be Safe,
Deputy Burton Brink-N6USO
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept
Temple Station
Owner/Trustee of the 145.440- 136.5pl Repeater Sunset Ridge, Southern California