Ham radio helps rescue hiker (Jul 21, 2005) -- When hiker Jason Jacks, KG6ZTR, of San Dimas, California, became lost in heavy brush July 19 near Southern California's Mt Baldy, he put out a call on the N6USO Sunset Ridge Repeater seeking help. Ron Stucker, W6RJS, Richard Pauze, KG6VNC, Ken Harris, KG6YTZ, and others radio amateurs collaborated to contact emergency personnel and relay the information from Jacks. A call was made to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, which dispatched its Rescue Air-5 helicopter. Using his hand-held GPS unit, Jacks was able to provide his coordinates to rescue personnel via ham radio. Repeater owner Burton Brink, N6USO--an LA County Deputy Sheriff--heard the traffic and was able to contact Rescue Air-5 via his sheriff's radio. Using information the stranded hiker provided via ham radio, Brink was able to help direct the pilot to Jacks' location. Approximately an hour after the first call for help, Jacks was airlifted from the mountain to safety. "Once again, Amateur Radio has come to the rescue, and this shows how hams work together with emergency personnel to help one another," said Brink. "Amateur Radio at its best!" 

From the ARRL web site http://www.arrl.org