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Study War No More
Peace Poems and Service Songs by H. Paul Shuch

When Will The Wall Come Down?
copyright 1994

When will the wall come down,
The one I have spent forever building,
The wall which protects me from hurt
And distances me from life?

When will the wall collapse,
The wall built of bricks to match my years,
Bound with the mortar of my darkest fears
And stretching beyond the horizon?

When will the wall be breached,
The one impervious to battering ram
And lead shot hurled by catapults
And all the horns of Jericho?

When will the wall desist
In holding at bay, beyond my grasp
All my soul's yearning and heart's desire,
In keeping me safely alone?

When will the wall's resolve
To shelter me from others, and myself
Weaken, and permit me to admit
Life and love into my heart?

When will the wall come down?

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