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Study War No More
Peace Poems and Service Songs by H. Paul Shuch

The Life Of One Single Man
Lyrics folk-processed by H. Paul Shuch, circa 1993; melody anon.

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The battle was over, no one had one
I alone did survive.
Looked over the field to see if someone
Besides myself were alive,
Besides myself were alive.

There lay at my feet a soldier crying
The ground on which he lay was red.
He looked up at me and I saw in that look
By sundown he knew he'd be dead,
By sundown he knew he'd be dead.

He softly cried "Don't go away
And leave me here all alone,
For I have something important to say
Before this world I disown,
Before this world I disown."

"Lots of pretty words there are
That echo in your ear:
Defending democracy, limited war . . .
These are words to fear, I've discovered,
These are words to fear."


"For life is worth a lot, take my word,
So live it while you can.
And there's no cause worth quite as much
As the life of one single man,
The life of one single man."

"And there's a message you need to spread
To all men remaining alive:
Nations may rise and nations may fall
But our earth will somehow survive --
The spirit of love must survive."


And now the soldier is dead and gone;
It's twenty five years since then
And I find that I feel that the end of the earth
Will come before I'll fight again,
Will come before I'll fight again.


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