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Where Are The Sharps?
lyrics 2001 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "Where Is Your Heart?"
Copyright 1953 by William Engvick and George Auric

Note: word 'sharps' is always sung a half-tone off (low or high, your choice!)

Whenever I croon
I worry and wonder.
I'm fine with the tune,
But where are the sharps?
My phrasing is fine,
I'm not known to blunder.
I come in on time,
But where are the sharps?

I have no trouble hitting flats,
And naturals are not a schlep.
I have only one problem: that's
Increasing pitch by half a step.

This problem of mine
Is quite accidental.
I'll try one more time,
But where are the sharps?

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