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Filking at Balticon
lyrics 1993 by Drs. Janet A. Sherman and H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "Ghost Riders in the Sky,"
Copyright © 1949 by Stan Jones

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We left our job at 5 PM and hopped into the car --
Went driving like a maniac, we had to travel far.
The op'ning concert starts at nine; at ten it's Leslie Fish . . .
To be there in the nick of time, that is our fervent wish.

CHORUS: Singing all night, sleeping all day: Filking at Balticon.

We dumped our baggage in the room, I pulled out my guitar,
Checked in at Registration, found out where the filkers are.
Then staggered in at midnight to a most amazing scene:
A bunch of crazy filkers singing Goddess Save the Queen.

I grabbed a folding chair and joined the Bardic Circle Jerk,
Tried out my favorite melody but that one wouldn't work --
And so I had to go with "Banned From Argo" once again.
I'll find another melody, but God alone knows when.

The maintenance workers kicked us out a little after four
To clean up all our cookie crumbs and take away the floor.
And so we had to leave and reassemble on the stair.
If there is not a filking room, you'll always find us there.

Another dozen songs were born before the break of dawn.
I looked up from my music and the dandelions were gone.
And so I took my room key out, went searching for a bed,
Asleep before I hit the sheets. You'd think that I was dead.

When we awoke at 3 PM, we started on this song.
The filking is tonight again; we'll sing for far too long.
But will we still have voices when it gets to be our turn?
And will we pick or pass or play, before we crash and burn?

FINAL CHORUS: Do it again, See you next year: Everyone here . . . knows why!

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