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(Relativity Waltz)

music and lyrics © 2005 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch

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"Let there be light," Maxwell decreed.
But Einstein recognized a need
For all the forces he could see
To reconcile with gravity.
So he would not be satisfied
Until his fields were unified.

Photonic terms did he invent.
Then, recognizing light was bent
By gravity, he took on space
And time itself, assured his place
In history. Now all can see
That mass equates to energy.

Relating e to m and c,
General relativity
Gave Einstein, if not wealth, then fame.
Now, everybody knows his name
As well as his equation grand,
Though so few truly understand.

But, not content with m c squared,
At Princeton Einstein boldly dared
To tackle the atomic force,
Both weak and strong, until, of course,
He realized great energy
Was lurking there, could be set free.

Though first conceived as weaponry,
This led to peaceful energy
Abundant. Yet his lifelong goal
Eluded him. This gentle soul
Alas was never satisfied,
For fields are still not unified.

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Relatively dedicated to Yasmin, who truly understands.

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