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Odo's Song
lyrics 1996 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "Annie's Song,"
Coypright 1974 by John Denver

You light up my sensors,
And confuse my tricorder.
Now your body's in order,
But I know you will change
Into dragons or fishes,
Or whatever one wishes.
Your molecular structure
You'll soon rearrange.

You're my constable hero,
And you've always been loyal.
This Betazed royal
Is changed by your charms.
The form you are taking,
Let there be no mistaking,
Is quite to my liking.
Come melt in my arms.

Come, let me hold you
Through your regeneration.
I have buckets of patience.
Won't you just take my arm?
If you can't find your bucket,
You can simply say ... screw it.
I'll hold you forever,
Protect you from harm.

You travel the cosmos
Seeking out other Odos.
If there aren't any others,
That would be a sin.
You eventually find them,
Are reluctant to join them.
For what other changeling
Boldly goes where you've been?

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