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We Love You Enterprise
lyrics 1991 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "We Love You Conrad," from Bye Bye Birdie
Copyright © 1960 by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams

We love the Enterprise
Oh yes we do,
But most of all we love
Her classic crew.
Next Generation will not do -
Old Star Trek we love you.

We don't dislike Picard,
Ryker's O.K.,
I'd take Deanna Troi
Home any day.
Wesley and Worf are not to blame,
It's just that they're not the same.

We miss Kirk, Chekhoff, Sulu,
Spock and Bones,
Scotty and Chappel
Within our homes.
Bring back Uhura and you'll see
How grand old friends can be.

We won't be satisfied
With Guinan's brew -
Can't even Geordy see
Why this is true?
Live long and prosper, Star Trek cast,
We'll never forget the past.

Each early episode
Upon the screen
Was such a special gift
From our friend Gene.
The first time I had so much fun
Majel Barrett was Number One.

Upon the Holodeck
One lonely day
I bid them come to me
And begged them stay,
The crew we know and love so well -
But Red Alert broke the spell.

NCC Seventeen
Oh One was great,
And not deserving her
Ignoble fate.
Bring back the starship we adore,
Where no man has gone before.

We miss you Enterprise
Oh yes we do,
And we miss most of all
Your classic crew.
What is there left for us to do
But watch a rerun or two?

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