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Burning Rubber Farther Into Space
music © 2004, lyrics © 2011 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
(a sequel to his song Burning Rubber to the Edge of Space)

From Mojave Spaceport, where the X-Prize race was won,
Comes a somewhat larger craft. Sheís gleaming in the sun.
Grand commercial venture by Branson and his crew
Is the mighty rocket SpaceShip Two.
Buy your ticket now, and soon youíll take your place,
Burning rubber farther into space.

Strapped between the twin booms of a mother ship called Eve,
Looks like something only Burt Rutan could ere conceive.
Hybrid rocket motors take her up to heavenís door,
Shuttle cock re-entry like before.
Six can share the joy. This time itís not a race.
Burning rubber farther into space.

Space commercial ventures are likely to succeed
Only when the public can recognize a need.
Our taste for adventure, is that enough to keep
Motivating manís next Giant Leap?
SpaceShip Two presents a future we can face,
Burning rubber farther into space.

Virgin goes Galactic, call your travel agent now.
They will take you just as far as physics will allow.
Next step is a bigger one, as Branson boldly goes
Virgin Interstellar, I suppose.
Join the happy few who proudly take their place
Burning rubber farther into space.

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