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Burning Rubber to the Edge of Space
music and lyrics 2004 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch

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From Mojave Airport, where the Vari-EZ flies,
Soaring over southern California desert skies.
Riding through the atmosphere and reaching for the sun
Flies a tiny craft called SpaceShip One.
Striving for us all to gain our rightful place,
Burning rubber to the edge of space.

Funded by Paul Allen and built by Burt Rutan,
Who's flown more innovations than any other man.
Carried by a White Knight at the lofty journey's start,
Fifty thousand feet before they part.
Climb for all she's worth, then glide back down to base,
Burning rubber to the edge of space.

Fueled by butadiene and a nitrous oxide brew,
Safest rocket engine of all that ever flew.
Sixty two miles skyward on a brilliant plume of flame,
Never for the money or the fame.
Going back for more, to win a noble race,
Burning rubber to the edge of space.

Carrying the weight of three, but risking only one,
Two Ansari X-prize flights to prove it can be done.
Soon she'll carry passengers above the desert sky.
I will be among the first to fly.
Leaving Earth behind, and touching heaven's face,
Burning rubber to the edge of space.

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