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We Are The Borg
lyrics 1993 by Muriel Hykes and H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "I Am A Rock,"
Copyright © 1965 by Paul Simon

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A winter's day
In the not too distant future,
You are not alone.
Gazing on your planet
Across the galaxy
We determine that you never shall be free.
We are the Borg,
We will assimilate you!

We have our cube,
And our unity will protect us.
We're augmented by prostheses.
Your phasers cannot harm us,
We're immune to pain
For it's flesh and blood and organs we disdain.
We are the Borg,
We will assimilate you!

Don't send the Enterprise,
We've defeated Starfleet before.
We are out to dominate
Every single species
We may come across.
If we decimate you that's nobody's loss.
We are the Borg,
We will assimilate you!

Death is irrelevant,
And resistance truly is futile.
We're connected telepathically.
Once I was a human,
I'm glad I've been absorbed
For you never are alone when you're a Borg.
We are the Borg,
We will assimilate you!

And a Borg feels no pain;
The collective never dies.

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