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Filking Late at Night
lyrics 1994 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "Music of the Night," from Phantom of the Opera
Copyright © 1986 by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Filkers gather from across the nation
To create this musical sensation.
Suddenly each verse
Goes from very bad to worse,
And you can't believe the melodies we write --
The music in the filk room late at night.

Fen exhibit quite a predilection
To decry our singular affliction.
Nothing that we hear
Can be sacred to our ear,
And the worse the pun the greater the delight,
Singing in the filk room late at night.

Close your fake books, for they will only tell the notes,
And the notes are not what we want to hear.
Sing out Banned From Argo loud and clear
And you'll be invited back next year.

Science fiction, film or literary,
Fantasy and stories that are scary
All provide our basis
For filkers abhor stasis.
Transmogrifying songs is our delight.
Please join us in the filk room late at night.

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