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lyrics 1997 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "Darkness,"
Copyright © 1987 (?) by Dr. Jordin Kare

There's darkness in the corridors throughout the con hotel.
There's darkness in the con suite, and the dealer's room as well.
I'll go down to the filk room, where I'm sure to find some fen.
For when the world is fast asleep, the filkers rise again.

I grab my fakebook and guitar; I should not go alone.
So I ask my love to join me, but I only hear her groan.
I leave the room in silence, never stop to say good-bye.
When I get downstairs I'll sing my love a filker's lullaby.

For we're the science fiction fen who sing of outer space,
Of science and of fantasy. The filk room is our place.
We call our music Filking, a perversion of plain Folk:
What started as a typo has become a standing joke.

The normal fen are sleeping now. They'll rise again at dawn
To see the films and hear the talks. By then we shall be gone.
For filkers are nocturnal. Through the night we sing and play.
Our music is eternal, but we have to sleep by day.

There's music in the corridors. It bounces off the walls.
It started in the filk room and it's wafting down the halls.
If it happens you're not sleeping, you are free to join our clan,
For he or she who sings by night is the finest form of fan.

The Neo in the corner is afraid to take her turn.
She thinks we're all proficient; it won't take her long to learn
That filkers without talent are as common as the stars.
Which never stopped a one of us from strumming a few bars.

This con holds so much promise if you like to write a song.
Just teach us all the chorus and we'll gladly sing along.
Around the Bardic Circle every fan shall have his say.
In this room it is Chaos. In the next, Pass, Pick or Play.

And as the hour grows later and the visitors depart,
We'll try a round of Insta-Filk, not for the faint of heart.
We'll pick a theme, a melody, someone will write a verse,
Then it's round and round the circle seeing who can write one worse.

There's darkness in the corridors throughout the con hotel.
There's darkness in the art show, and the gaming room as well.
And even in the filk room! All my friends are gone from sight.
It must be nearly daybreak. It is time to say goodnight.

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