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The Vampire Filker Bites Again
lyrics 1994 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "Come Ye Knights,"
Copyright © 1986 (?) by Sheila Willis


Come ye fen who write the lyrics,
Sing the songs and join the chorus,
All who play guitar and psaltery,
Rise as one, ye noble fen.
Time has come to guard your lyrics,
Melodies and instrumentals.
Save them from the scourge of filkdom:
The Vampire Filker bites again!

Who's that skulking 'round the corner
From the filk room late at night,
Sucking up your tunes and lyrics,
Turning to avoid the light?
Resurrecting long dead stories
So that they might live again,
Cloaked in all of music's glories --
The Vampire Filker bites again!

Guard your precious tunes and lyrics,
This dark creature knows no pride.
Never one for attribution,
He shrugs copyrights aside.
Wins each filk song competition,
He's the darling of the fen,
But I say with some derision
The Vampire Filker bites again!

Next year we'll be ready for him,
Each and every stalwart fan.
We'll sing lines that do not rhyme
To melodies that will not scan.
Now let him transmogrify
The finest efforts of the fen.
Then we can sit back and sigh,
The Vampire Filker bites again!

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