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Hard For You
lyrics 1993 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "Ballad of Gilligan's Isle,"
Copyright © 1964 by George Wyle

When I arise and my passion swells
I know just what to do,
For it's getting harder to be good
But good to be hard for you.

When my appetites are all aroused
I've come to realize
That I get no rise out of being good
But it's good when I arise.

I want to be well armed for you
And never caught off guard;
It's hard to be good when you're around
But so good to be hard.

When you combine your thoughts with mine
My parts exceed their sum
And I suppose the hardest part
Is very soon to come.

So pour the wine, drink deeply, dear,
I'll gladly fill your cup.
I'm up to very little good
But it's so good when I'm up.

And when I can no longer rise
(It won't be very long)
I do suspect we'll recollect
It was good when I was strong.

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