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Unwedding Song
lyrics 2004 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "The Wedding Song" by Noel Stookey,
Copyright 1971, Public Domain Foundation, Inc.

To all my ex-wives, past and future.

He is pushing her to madness; she is driving him insane,
Though a year ago the two of them were gathered in His name.
It was love in the beginning, but they see it now must end.
Best to walk away, while he and she at least can still be friends,
And divorce. Just divorce.

And a man shall call his lawyer when a woman leaves her mate,
For their constant conflict means that neither one can concentrate
On what drew them to each other. So before it turns to hate,
All the vows they made so recently they easily negate
With divorce. With divorce.


If they can't recall their reason for becoming man and wife.
And their marriage brings less happiness than misery and strife,
And they wonder how they'll manage, and no longer wish to try
They may both begin to realize it's best to say goodbye
And divorce. And divorce.

Maybe after time apart, they will reflect on what they had,
And perhaps he'll come to value her, and maybe she'll be sad,
And a reconciliation may seem possible at first,
And they even may remarry. If they do, that can be worse
Than divorce. Than divorce.

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