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Suing the Blues
lyrics 2005 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "Singing the Blues," ca. 1955 by Melvin Endsley
(popularized by Marty Robbins)

Filker's Note: In Pennsylvania, Blue Cross and Blue Shield enjoy nonprofit status, while they continue to raise insurance rates, cancel people's coverage, and accumulate an unprecedented financial surplus. Litigation has been threatened.

Well, I never felt more like suing the Blues,
For I never though that I'd ever lose
My insurance. Why'd they do me this way?
And I never felt more like drivin' all night
To Canada, where the prices are right
On prescriptions. I should be suing the Blues.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield pay no tax.
They're rich non-profits, that's a fact.
There's nothing left for me to do,
Except to go to court and sue.

And I never felt more like casting a vote
For Hillary, whose campaign is devoted to health care,
Or maybe suing the Blues.

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